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  1. ......lame...... It all goes along with respect. If you respect another writer then you DON'T go over his shit. It's an old school belief that you can have or don't. I don't go over peoples shit unless it's a legal wall and even then I am picky about what I go over. If I can do better, I'll buff. You need to respect the fact that they are there to create same as you. When you go over someone just to over-up a spot it's weak. Just my opinion. GO FIND YOUR OWN SPOT. Don't disrespect or you might get split up and releived of your goods. Just be careful. CAPS...... who cares.
  2. ..wha....... Step to this you get burned like micheal jackson in a pepsi comercial, you couldn't come with style cause fag rap is to controversial, nobody wants to hear about you suckin another man's dick for money, so go back to the trailor park and write more crap cause it's funny. I think I saw your dad on americas most wanted, he had a dress on and got arrested for the tits that he flaunted, Your styles like the titanic, everybody thinks it's funk but when I came through with capsonomics it's your boat that I sunk. See if I had a dollar for every dick that you sucked, the U.S. Treasur
  3. CAPS

    gang patrol

    So can I bite cope? ha ha I'm a stupid head CAPS.... tired and just got a headache or a brain tumor.
  4. CAPS


    .....hmmm I like cookies. I like eggs pointless CAPS......... love cheese love
  5. .....blick dick? feel this Lost your sisters number so I looked in the bathroom stall, she tried to pin her pregnancy on me but your dad took the fall. I fucked her last week then I fuckin' dissed her, Now I scratch my crotch cause its covered with itchy blisters. Tell your mom she left her 6 inch heals at my house, I picked her up two nights ago and made her take off her blouse. FLAPJACKS! What's that, she's fat, that's that, she got a tattoo on her stomach of Marion Berry smokin crack. Blick dick...... what happend? CAPS........ not a rapper just a friendly salesman.
  6. CAPS

    bad brands/ colors

    ..RIGHT......... You must be using knock off Montana. There is such a thing. Also, Krylon has NO PRIDE in there product or they wouldn't have chin-ced out on the recipe a few year ago and started using less toner in there product. It use to be king, I still love terracotta and rose satin.(old round and flatball) BUT NOW THEY SUCK! Watery garbage. Montana from SPAIN destroys all. Belton is cool but to watery for my taste. The burner chromes from belt are HOT tho. Montana is like MUD. Sticks and no drips. CAPS...... he knows what he speaks of.
  7. I hit up a fat guy. I bombed a fat guy in the sauna. He was sleeping. I tip toed up and BAM................ not really. CAPS.
  8. . fish is good.......... That's just my mom. I told her to take a shower but she said something about "The earth is in harmony and with its dirt surounding me I shall become one with the stars" FUCKIN HIPPIES CAPS......... the names have not been changed so fuck the innocent.. http://sprapex.com MONTANA PAINT dirty cheap.
  9. ........jeez........ W.H.Y. P.O.S.T. WHY the HELL are YOU POSTING you OVERPAID STUPID TOY hmmmmmmmmm CAPS.......... just kidding. sorry dawgg.. no solicitation.
  10. K.......... here is one of the best places for you new kids to go and learn some history. Shit, even some of the old schoolers could have a good read or two. http://www.at149st.com/artists.html See, after you spend an hour or two here you'll be able to drop "mad knowledge" on some "buster toys" at your next "kegger". Seriously tho. I give much respect to 149th for the great info on this site. CAPS.... just stopping by to change the sheets. http://sprapex.com MONTANA paint for sale and stuff
  11. .THIS IS IT!!! GO HERE. LEARN YOUR WRITERS AND THE WORK THEY PUT IN. http://www.at149st.com/artists.html This is one of the best sorces for history of past and present crews and writers.Study up. Then when your at your next suburban cocktail party with some NSYNC playing in the background, you can open your mouth and have something remotely interesting and informed to say. CAPS............... your next asignment is due on tuesday http://sprapex.com CHEAP PAINT that should be expensive.
  12. Good point Very good point. I'll be humble enough to say "Anybody heard of CAP?" Well when I started 10 years ago, I didn't know my history AT ALL. All that I knew was that I loved painting and it wasn't untill later that I really enjoyed the history and stories. Then I found out that the name I had been writing for over a year was the name of a "king status" kid in Brook. So the moral is "learn" then you won't have to even sweat what wiskeo was talking about. GOOD POINT WISK CAPS....... my name means C.ops A.nd P.eople S.uck. I like my name. I hate my hair. http://spr
  13. WELL HMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm I see your point a little but you need to understand some things. The true great writers had influences. They came up watching and mimicing other styles and techs until they came up with there own styles. All artists in all fields have stated one after another that they had influences. SOOOOO studying the art and the status of previous artists helps you to understand where the artform that you love has come from. You don't need to know who kinged the one line in 86 but it's nice to know what artists came from where so you can understand styles and there geographi
  14. .what's sprapex....... Well we haven't figured out the system. We are eather going to hold votes or just call it ourselves. Sprapex.com is our site that we sell Montana paint and other graff junk CHEAP..... Anyway.... mail some flix caps@sprapex.com CAPS........ love the job http://sprapex.com MONTANA PAINT CHEAP!!
  15. CAPS

    Gay writers?

    Re: homos Ignorant. Actually your wrong, there are many act of homosexuality in the animal kingdom. MANY..... example..... dogs. How many of you have seen a boy dog hump a boy dog. Nuff said. Get your facts straight before you make stupid comments. CAPS....... crocodile hunter is cool. http://sprapex.com Montana paint cheap
  16. Hey guys, we need pix for our gallery. Tags,bombs,pieces, pros...... it doesn't matter. We want to help you represent . Go to http://sprapex.com and mail from there or mail them to caps@sprapex.com. We will have a voting funtion soon and the winner at the end of March will get some free paint. Get 'em in and well get 'em up. CAPS..... fame whore http://sprapex.com Montana paint cheap
  17. CAPS


    ...been there That's no shit, we marker bombed our school for 2 months straight. They eventually got a TASK FORCE (hahahaha) together to find us. When we did get caught, the police came, searched all our shit, took pictures of our lockers... ALL THE SHIT YOU ALWAYS HEAR ABOUT. ......anyway. KON...... grow up..... getting paid dollars for fucking throwing paint on a wall. CASE FUCKING CLOSED. Put the school beef aside. (P.S. write MONTANA into your budget and get it from http://sprapex.com ............ hahahahaha.) CAPS..... never been paid to get laid but if I did
  18. CAPS

    bad brands/ colors

    Grand Junction ....COLORADO Grand Junction Colorado...... why montana? CAPS............ had it,lost it, bought it off e-bay. yup it's your rymes that I slay. http://sprapex.com montana paint cheap.
  19. ..............bla Last time I counted I was at like 25-30 of flatball terr and about 25-30 of one of my other fave, flatball true blue satin. I got shitloads of Kry but those are the two that stick out the most to me. Besides my 1960somethin can of dull aluminum with a metal top and paper label. I had to quit saving kry cause I ran outa room. ANYBODY HAVE A FAVORITE KRYLON AND ONLY KRYLON COLOR? Mines terr for sure. CAPS.... talks to much and says so little http://sprapex.com montana paint cheap
  20. CAPS

    bad brands/ colors

    .....maybe........ This is only the 2nd or 3rd time and what I said was relevant to the conversation. Your rite on my site hype but man we are just trying to get the site out cause the paint is cheap. Anyway, I'll refrain UNLESS it's relevant. CAPS.... just tryin to do BIDNESS http://sprapex.com
  21. ..........syrup Montana makes a color called "syrup" that is almost identical to terra from Kry. Fever red is a little deaper version of it. As far as my favorite color, I would say Surgical green from Montana. CAPS........... shameless http://sprapex.com Montana paint and stuff DIRT CHEAP.
  22. .......bla ... I bet there dad was mad when he saw a new sticker on his car. What a bunch of bling blings. Suburban pussies. CAPS.......... dumb just dumb. http://sprapex.com MONTANA PAINT dirt cheap
  23. CAPS

    bad brands/ colors

    ......MAKES ME LAUGH....... ...............ALL THESE COMPLAINTS............ the solution is MONTANA PAINT! Yeah it's a pain in the ass to get but your stress goes away. Yellows over WHATEVER.... whites that have mad control. Any montana color goes on thick and I'll be dahmed if I can get it to drip. Anyway, we sell it. Get some. Get one free can of Montana with every order through February. (Krylon flatball terocatta and ultra flat black is still king for bombing though. Glad I got 200+ cans of the old school, but it will suck when it runs out) Lates CAPS................ ha
  24. ......boner........... Yeah well where you come from, you probably think that bubble letters are the "bomb shit" and "wild style" is some sorta haircut. Tags? HAHAHA.... just like a cop. "Boy, you some sorta tagger?" ahahahhaaaaa Fruitloop. Buy a magazine or watch a vid and get some info. Or just go to the local wall and get rolled for calling METS a "tagger". CAPS............... rooks are funny http://sprapex.com MONTANA paint and GOODZ DIRT CHEAP
  25. ......FX........ My opinion is FX the video. I like productions so obviously I would. That vid has some of the most world famous productions on it and shots of DAIM (my insper) working and explaining his ways. If you like productions, get this one. We sell it on our site with other good stuff like the cope vid (another good one for history on trains in the bronx). CAPS............ speakin of your sister - I dissed her - slept with her last week and she gave me this fucking blister. http://write2life.com http://sprapex.com MONTANA PAINT and shit dirt cheap.
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