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  1. CAPS

    Gay writers?

    ...GJ Hey Grimey, you wouldn't be the tattoo artist/graff artist from colorado would you be? Just curious. CAPS
  2. hahahahaha.... nine times outta ten tho... the bitches been standin around watchin us paint and they aint got masks on so they are easy kill. CAPS........ funny minkey tubby fat
  3. ..WELL sincre it went over Well since the mask thing is going over well I will tell you a few things about your mask you may not know. If you get a 3m brand mask, most come in a silver bag with zip-lock on top. Do you know why? After you use your mask you should put it back in an airtight container or else in about 20-30 minutes after use, your carts start to go bad. I use a coffee can with a little bit of water in the bottom (just a dash). It keeps your carts fresh and your lungs healthy. ALSO you should replace your carts about once a month. Just cause you own a mask and use it doesn't mean you dont need to maintain it. CAPS..... glad you all read the mask post.
  4. CAPS

    Need the flix

    .......don't be a dick Man I have plenty of flix. I'm giving the cats on here a chance to get some up on our site. Chill out and just be a nice guy. Dahm kids always lookin to be cool by starting an argument. CAPS............. why why why
  5. CAPS

    Need the flix

    I posted a few times, but we need some more flix for our gallery. Those who have sent, THANKS. We will be taking the flix from each writer and making individual Flash movies per writer. Then we will post em on our site. Get 'em to me soon. Lates and peace to LAW for the clogged caps event. Looks like it's gonna go off. CAPS.......... caps@sprapex.com
  6. CAPS

    bad brands/ colors

    Well......................................dahmit Can I say it here mod? Smart? Can I? sprapex.com That's where I get my Montana in the states. CAPS.... hope this was coy enough cause he asked.
  7. ...smart is smart That's what i was thinking.... i looked at it and couldn't figure out what he was talking about. Still doubt he's who he thinks he is. CAPS.... my glass eye hurts
  8. TRUTH..... one CAPS..... saw a green eyed nematoad today.
  9. .ummmmmm Doubt your the real cope. I don't think he even owns a computer. Do you know who Cope is? Probably not. CAPS.... if your the real cope, my bad. SUP KID?
  10. K.... your dumb. You just showed how dumb so i'll leave it at that. DAIM=KING CAPS..... your a funny underbuddy
  11. ...NOPE I wear glasses and I don't have a problem at all. Until you get some cash , find a local body shop and ask them if maybe you could sweep the parking lot for a respo. They have shitloads laying around and they will probably be cool about it. CAPS..... glad your thinking
  12. .wow....... WOW......... i think CAPS. wish i had a mullet
  13. This is just choice words........
  14. ..noted. .true. It could be fake. But what is the point in arguing the safety of a mask? I do know for a fact from PERSONAL experience about the eye twitch and memory loss part of it. Lets put it to you like this. The toxins in paint have been known to cause cancer............ enough? CAPS..... I don't like cancer and eye twitching. P.S. anyone wanna step up with some personal side effects? I think people are missing the issue.
  15. ..SURE Oh yeah. I'm sure that many have but I put it up in hopes that if someone hadn't they would read it and it would set in. Sometimes I just read it again to remeber the importance. Fuck pissing myself...... again. CAPS.........pee pee
  16. This is an excerpt from "Bomb the suburbs" Read it and if you still don't wear a mask , your just ignorant. Masks are not for fashion, they are for your health. Or piss the bed and forget your phone number, it's up to you. JUST READ MESSAGE TO MARIO: WEAR YOUR MASK "We used to have a joke that spray paint was fucking up our memories. A few weeks ago, Mario called me with a new joke. When we were 13 and 14, we painted dozens of walls together, traded girls, fought gangbangers, battled other crews, and talked on the phone almost every day. For a while, Mario was my best friend. After we stopped hanging out, he got even deeper into painting. He painted with different partners every week, traded photos around the world, and filled his life with graffiti. Even the great Trixter had said he was a graffiti head. We used to have a joke that spray paint was fucking up our memories. A few weeks ago, Mario called me with a new joke. "It wasn't the memory, it was the bladder," he said. "About a year ago I started noticing I had to use the washroom more often. Before I learned to control it, I would urinate in bed even. It kept getting worse. Now, I can't drink anything for two hours before I go to bed. I pee once before bed, then I have to get up again twice during the night" The neurotoxins in spray paint have damaged the part of Mario's brain which produces hormones to control his bladder. The label on any spray can will tell you it can also damage the immune and nervous system, kidney, liver and lungs - the same is true for a lot of markers. Anyone who's gone piecing has felt the slight dizziness, and loss of appetite. Some of us get headaches and nausea. I personally get muscle spasms and my hair is starting to go (one of four writers I know who're early balding). In the long run, who knows? Spray paint could be our Asbestos, our AIDS. Coincidentally, I have a second friend named Mario. This Mario lives on the West Side, and he's at least as much of a graffiti head as the first Mario. He paints at least as much as the first Mario, and has at least as many problems. "All my life, I never used to pick my nose," he told me recently. "Then in 1988, I started having to pick my nose all the time, getting paint-colored snot, scratchy throat, wheezing. Then one time, I did this real big production and I coughed up blood. After that I lost my voice for like a week. Dude, I was scared. I didn't want anybody to know. The doctor told me don't spray paint no more. I kept doing it, and my symptoms kept getting worse. I stutter... I get a tightness in my eye, twitches in my wrist... Dude, I get major, major headaches... The worst part is, I feel like I'm getting stupider; I can't articulate myself as well as I used to be able to... I think I'm addicted to doing graffiti, I fiend for it. Graffiti is my life. I feel like I might have to die for it." I have to admit, death by graffiti sounds like an honorable way to go out. I dream of it myself. But isn't that giving up at the game, copping out at the challenge of life: the challenge to be stronger, smarter, healthier, better than we thought we could be. The challenge to survive. Mario, I don't want to visit you in the hospital or at the cemetery, and I don't want you to visit me there. Sometime in life, I too may have to cough up blood, lose my hair, or to lose my mind because of the painting I've done. But I ain't going out like no sucker. When I use spray paint, I do everything to dilute the toxins and keep them out of my body. I eat before and after painting, use the wind to avoid inhaling fumes, steer clear of other toxins, refuse to paint indoors, and refuse to go out unless I really care about the piece. Most of all, I wear gloves and a mask, changing the filters regularly. I'm wearing that fucker right now. Please wear your mask too, Mario. Both of you. that shit ain't funny no more." End the excerpt. Nuff said. This is deap and real. I have a friend I can't seem to get through to. CAPS..... info = health
  17. .yeah all legals Yeah it was. I guess it just depends on what you like. I like productions and I really like DAIM. I think everybody needs to see DAIM work (even tho you don't get to see him work much) because he is unreal. I also like the fact that it's all about the crew and how they get walls. It is just another side of graff and the vid works well to show the production side of things. I like to have the vid on hand when we are talking to the city about getting diferent spots or talking to a buisness owner about his back or side wall. We can show him the vid and offer up some free work to him. Getting legals are sometimes a pain so it works. Anyway... my 4 cents. CAPS.... not a comercial whore cause I don't make A FUCKING CENT! Get off it.
  18. UNDERSTOOD Cool. I get the jist. I have basically tried to stear clear of "whoring" and will continue to do so in the future. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't stepping on toes with my sig cause I like you guys and wouldn't want ill will. Like I said , I got lame a while back but now I'm just here like the rest of us to have fun and get /give info about this sport. P.S. When and if my sig was to clash with any future sales endevours of 12oz I WILL snap it. CAPS.... i feel so dirty. Maybe I'll get my cat to lick me clean.... where am I?
  19. CLARIFY So even the 200 or so of us that have our signature being our website adress is bad? Just need some clarification. I did a couple bads a while back but I try not to slut out unless it's relavent to a post.
  20. .......or something ... yeah... lost my head and thought I could be famous. My bad. It will happen again. CAPS.... where am I again?
  21. CAPS

    why graff???

    .....ummmmmmmmmmm K. I paint to create. I don't paint to be cool or "fit in". I started by myself and will probably end it by myself. Until the summer comes and all the little toys decide that it's "warm enough" to destroy. I paint cause I need to create. I need to look at what I've done and feel like I acomplished it for ME! Not everybody else. I just love to create. I would bomb with clay and just put up sculptures in the middle of the street if I could. I just choose paint to CREATE. I don't get caught up in politics and "poser" bullshit. I could care less what you think of me or my work. I didn't CREATE for you. If you look at my work and see something that intrests you .........cool. If not.......cool. It wasn't for you anyway. Last.... I paint because I love it. Not because it's what MTV or some fashion mag told me to do. I do it for myself. CAPS... and now you can have my soapbox to carry your paint
  22. ... I bomb with. ... I like to bomb with my friend Paul Metzger. He lives at 2903 Pheasant Ridge. He writes ENOK2 and is currently riding at 145th and watts Ave........... SHeeeeesh.... CAPS........... always good for a joke.
  23. .get some REAL vids Not to be a dick but you should look into "FX Crew" the video, Magic Moments, Damage Inc is cool, the Cope2 vid is good for some history, uhhhhh of coarse WildStyle...not wildstyles or whatever but "WILDSTYLE".... Just a thought. We have Cope2 and FX on our site for $16.50 each or you can go to Amazon.com to get Wildstyle for a nice price. E-bay has "wildstyle" pop up every once in awhile but it gets pricey. (hey mod, this is what I mean about "relavant" and not whoring) CAPS........ opinions = health
  24. winter time I have been writing for about 9 years and I can't remeber a winter lasting as long as this one. I jones to paint nowadays. I don't know if it's cause we have so many legals now just waiting to get done this summer or if it's the fact I have so much god dahm paint sitting around me. Sounds stupid but start a graff supply company and see how much you think about graff. POOR ME..... i know. But I'm just being real. I jones lateley and in Colorado you have to be so patient to get through the cold season. Anyway, that's my story CAPS......... buy my paint so I don't have to look at it.
  25. CAPS

    goths and graff?

    ....Ohhhh my goth..... I'm so goth i'm dead.... Yeah, and a massive contempt for happiness. A general hatred of happy people. A major dislike for sucess. Oh... And you must have small boobs and pigeon toes. CAPS......... hope you like my joke cause that's what it is. Don't go all goth on me.
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