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  1. ...man oh man .....I just saw the fattest chick in the world. OK maybe not the fattest in the world but shes pretty fat. CAPS........... what was the question again?
  2. Has anyone heard of any graff expo in Colorado going on soon? If not, dahm we need to get some shit together. Hit me back with info. CAPS.... my town hates you.
  3. Re: Like I said then why are you gonna be there? Oh yeah private school will be on spring break or some shit huh. Maybe between your meeting with your stock broker and your 2 o'clock manicure you can fight all the people that think this thread is worthless. CAPS.... this is still the gayest thread ever.
  4. ...shhhhhh Um hey retard.... your name.....yeah and whats that about? Talk about slang and stuff..jeez...i'm taking my ball and leaving dawg. CAPS...obvious.
  5. ......PORTLAND I love portland and they have a SICK graff seen poping. They have some nice legal walls and shit. CAPS....... kill your cat and help control the pet population.
  6. CAPS

    UK flixs

    ...shark ...That shark char destroys. Man those dahm euros crush things. CAPS.... i like chars.
  7. Re: HaHaHa your a raver fag K... your dumb. You watch way to much WWF and probably wear make-up and go to the wrestling events at like 120 a ticket. Your idea is wack. BACKYARD BRAWLS? hahahahahahahaha... fucking idiot. Yeah, i'm gonna go in your backyard to a unlicenced and promoted fight to get arrested. If I got beef, I'll beat them where I find them. Jesus..... go put back on your 2-pac album and re-adjust your bandana in the mirror, then go out and get in your suburban nerd car and race with all the other fast and furious "mom bought my car" retards. CAPS............ this is oficially the gayest post I have ever read.
  8. CAPS


    ...leagl vs. not FOR ME LEGAL: Steve Miller Band, Skynard, Pascal, Prodigy (the old shit, pre-sellout) Mykill Myers, Beastie Boys (some old bullshit or Pauls Btq.) NOT LEGAL: nothing..... you should be on your toes. Unless it's the sound of your bro in your nokia earbud tellin you shits cool on the block. My opinion. I could be wrong. CAPS.. check the steelo.... your a half a quart low.
  9. ..........k....... When I look at my butthole in the mirror..... for like an hour....... my eyes start to burn. What's up with that? CAPS.......... wow.
  10. K.... it's been discussed before but I'd like to hear some opinions on writers who specialize in charcters vs. letters. I personally like characters more. I like DAIM and TWIST the most..... not to say fonts aren't cool it's just personal pref. I hear a lot about "If you just do chars all the time, your a toy that's not rounded. " I don't agree but what the fuck ever. Opinions are like shit..... they all stink. CAPS........ chars for me please.... two scoops.
  11. WOW JESUS man you should write books or movie scripts.... this paragraph had me at "hello" CAPS..... spokeless
  12. CAPS

    story time

    ...band camp ...this one time.... at band camp.... Good stories guys. CAPS..... been caught once.... to stealth now..... until I get caught again
  13. boating If i had a boating crew.... i'd be down for them. STROKE!......STROKE YOU BITCH ASSES! CAPS..... I hate swimming.
  14. ...yeah Godahm techno anyway....... it's fucking dead already.... get over it. CAPS...... (washed up hostile D.J.)
  15. I feel it Yeah I am sorta thinkin the same thing about a few local kids that are all "grafitti is good" during the summer but come winter they get all "fireplace is better". I don't know, graff to me seems kinda year round if it's in your blood. CAPS. cold lasts a while but nice pieces last forever
  16. ... hmmmmmmmmm the boneyard upstairs crew Rest In Power (of coarse) history makers CAPS..... just don't know
  17. ALRIGHT...........pounda shitta SHIT TALK: I hate the way your sister still uses her teeth when she blows me. I told her "Girl, do it JUST LIKE your mom does....see watch her......yeah like that.......good." Then she got up and left before your DADS got home......DADS got home................. fairy nice guys, your DADS. CAPS........ what?
  18. welllllllll See..... I come from Colorado where you couldn't catch a legal wall on a good day so you just learn to paint all illegals. SO when I went to Portland last summer, I got to paint at the legal school wall up there and all the cats tripped on how fast I paint. I didn't realize it but for 9 years I have done almost all illegals with the ocasional production. So I have grown to paint fast. Not bragging, just saying that illegals did that to me. Wierd i guess. CAPS...... painting is painting.... just do it good but know your history.
  19. ......nice The bus colabo between him and dondi is crushing. CAPS.... love history.
  20. ........since when? Shut the fuck up you retard. Graff is not "about talking shit". You sound like a 7th grader when you say shit like that. If that was all graff was about you wouldn't have half the talented people involved that you do. FUCK CAPS.................. people say stupid shit sometimes.
  21. CAPS

    Need the flix

    I agree. I have seen some mags that are like that. Whole car after whole car of the same 2 or 3 guys. Bomb after bomb of xyz and pdq.....It's all good. I can tell you that it's a pain in the ass to get subs of flix. People just don't care or just don't wanna or they don't trust you (as they shouldn't due to that bobbi thing). I am currently working on a couple flash movies dedicated to Nace, DAIM, METS, aand DONDI. The hard part is getting shots that everyone hasn't already seen and also not ripping flixs from other sites. I have lots of flix of local stuff and lots of roll-through freights but as far as some of the guys I dig like NACE,and them..... it's kinda obvious that that's almost impossible to get ORIGINAL flix cause people don't wanna give them up. I don't want to toy out and buy a lot off of e-bay cause thats geek ..........so i humbly ask these cats to submit flix of there work or other pieces they like. CAPS.. just tryin to get people involved in something
  22. CAPS

    Need the flix

    maybe not Well maybe so but I just hear a lot of shit about "i'm this good" and bla bla..... ya know. So I'll give everyone a shot to send me flix and I'll make the flash vids, post 'em up in a nice gallery at sprapex.com and we can all judge for ourselves CAPS.... don't think time will be wasted.
  23. CAPS

    Need the flix

    Discount Well here is the deal, we are a little company not trying to front like we are huge so I can't cut a huge deal but I will tell you this. If you order $150.00 worth I'll ship free and send some free mags out with your order. Yeah you don't save a ton but I assure you , your paint will arrive quickly and with tlc. CAPS........ funny question
  24. CAPS


    Re: ... I met a bum once that use to be a lawyer. He had a wife and kids and a house and all that shit. Then one day he woke up and just decided he didn't want it anymore so he just up and went to the streets. He was cool to. He said that he likes the fact that he doesn't have to worry about SHIT! Bills, food, nothing. He goes to the mission 3 times a day for grub and then he just hangs out. P.S. bums will give you the best directions ever. Kick them a buck or two then ask them directions. They are way helpful. I been to both coasts on some serious trips and bums are a KEY part of my vacation. CAPS.... who are me?
  25. ...yo......yo and stuff......yo Yo...illish styles drip from my steelo..... er something. Lame post.... De-bump. Like off the chart. CAPS
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