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  1. Alright you win,,,,,,,,, CAPS......knows when he's been beat.
  2. Man that is some awesome research. 1924 and 2011..... icy grape and jungle grizeen................. NICE CAPS
  3. Yeah being famous sux. The b.j.s, free beer , and free clothes just gets to be to much........... geez CAPS..... hahahah
  4. I demand a b.j. from your mom.... doesn't mean I get it. CAPS....... whaya whaya?
  5. I wanna bust out and tell you what I think. you couldn't bust a fat tag if I bought you the krink I flow, you know, your girl blows, I like hoes, If you thought you saw me around you where high on no-doz. I get ups like a jet airliner I get down on a rusty freightliner, I come through with the news that I destroyed your spot then I slap your girlfriend stupid and steal all your pot. YES ITS A PLOT and a toy I am not I represent destruction with furious paint jots. came away with the title like tyson will again while you finish busted sketches with an e-bay bought pen. you can't crush, I must, like the beastie boys manager who was always on dust. I felt the flow run out my can while you watch on in disgust. BUST CAPS...... I hate guys with pony tails and muscle shirts.
  6. CAPS


    YEAH art is a living thing...it must interact with the environment it is surrounded in..and if it happens to acquire a new coat of paint, a new coat of colors in different shapes and lines, so be it. If the original artist who painted it cares so much, he or she will return and restore it to it's original state.If not, oh well...this is part of doing public art..if you want your shit to be safe, keep it in private and away from the streets. Survival of the fittest...plain and simple. Go over everything...everywhere....now!!!!!
  7. I won't give you shit. At one point everybody on here didn't know. Krylon changed the label in about 92-94 from the transperent five ball "flatball" to a 3-d five ball then last year when they sold completely out they not only went all gloss and semi-gloss they also went to a square laebels. Now you know. Although the ultra flat black still crushes like cotton candy. CAPS.... I know theres toys but together we can make a better place. Thank you for your donation.
  8. ...well see I get sick of toys wasting good paint so I am letting people know so we can snap it up. I saw a guy waste 2 cans of peach and three cans of terry all flatball on one BUSTED piece. Oh yeah and he finaled it with baby blue. Just trying to get the paint to the people who deserve it. CAPS:eek:
  9. ....Just a tip for yall. If you have a Hobby Lobby in your town, for some reason they have a SHITLOAD of flatball terracatta. I was talking to the wharehouse kid and he said they get paint every 2 weeks and they always get in terry and it's always flatball with occasional cases of round which is just as good. I have been going to Hob Lob for 2 years collecting it up. I guess that when Hobby Lobby started distributing Krylon they made a huge buy so they have tons in there shipping wharehouse. Just a tip if you like terry as much as I do... I am up to almost 30 cans right now but I keep using them. CAPS..... pointless but good info.
  10. CAPS

    ohhh boy...

    What was your accident man? Sorry to hear about it. Yeah.... I like being out so late and in hot spots. Between the hussle and bussle and the tingle from fear you get mad high. CAPS.... trainyards destroy my psychi
  11. the OTRs are being changed and renamed as we speak. They are made overseas so they will take a while to get here. We will have them on our site...... I personally like mini wides.
  12. CAPS


    yeah i saw that shit. she got straight JACKED by the A-one. He's all, " your dirty!....... *slap*.... now go get me some coffee and quit looking me in the face." Fuckin pimp ass aser. CAPS..... I am a biter.... I like to bite..... inus12's mama
  13. CAPS


    FOR REAL...... we beat the shit out of a kid cause he pen tagged our tat shop. It wouldn't have been so bad but he put it right on our front door. Punk ass bitch. Oh yeah..... your gay and a fag consistently.......... hahhaha CAPS..... I love to tat2 my nuts.
  14. CAPS

    best writer

    Your not the best ASER......... I am. No i am. No i am. CAPS............. no i am.
  15. Thanks. I didn't think anyone noticed. CAPS..... I like fame.
  16. I second that. I have 4 pencils tattooed on me right now and am working on a sleeve of pencils right now. Guess I can't rep your crew and you almost had me to. CAPS......... still down with RC3 ( rice crispy crush crew)
  17. MAN..... you know the answer... the only REAL answer is to not bomb until you are out of the house. Here's my deal, me and 2 of my friends are married with kids. I have been painting almost 10 years and I will always paint. But with a family and a wife that doesn't want to have to bail out her husband I have had to be VERY careful about what I do. I paint a ton of legals and canvases but ups are in my blood. I spend HOURS mapping and figuring out the safest spots as not to get caught. I don't get the CRAZY ups anymore cause I have grown past getting props. I paint a lot of water towers and freights now. I hit a lot of electrical boxes (big ones) and sometimes I get a few buildings (abandoned). anyway hope I helped CAPS.......... what is legal?
  18. ....blizzzz........ :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: whatever..........gangs are for girls. They fight in packs like bitches. CAPS...........and back to the freestyles..........
  19. .........frills...... your style vaporized and floated up to heaven you call yourself a king but you haven't pieced since '87 yo man, you better call Frank Drebin your style is lost, I caught the news at 11 Why is it that these kids think that graff is about props, its all about the style and pieces you drop, not getting caught by the cops, your stomaches in nots, better finish that fillin before you catch it in the snot box. I'm on point I come with mad skills, I bust daim like pressence with my titanic fills, I hate pussy locos with their VIVA LA RAZA I'd rather light your house on fire or should I say CASA. CAPS......... i hate famous people
  20. K I'm gonna start this in Third Rail cause it will be graff relted. Lets just freestyle about graff. No gangster shit. AND GOOOOO... I grab a can of rusto, go for the gusto, crossin out busters is a musto, I must flow, the cops here so I must go, dahm I got much mo..... Get this kid, you think you got what it takes, your all fake,you think your deep like francis drake, smoke some more pot your to fuckin baked, your names at stake............. If I had a dollar for everytime I crossed you out, I'd be Bill gates and youd be livin in doubt, about any kind of props that you thought you where about, your style is wack so just pack up paint and get out............ CAPS......................... what happend?
  21. CAPS


    .........bla........ ...... yeah ASER always lies about how he invented 12oz and how one day he is gonna give god a run for his money. I really hate the way ASER is like charismatic and witty and really lightens up the board sometimes. Fuck ACER he is such a dick............and stuff. CAPS................... aser hit you with an eraser..........
  22. ........I do this......... ... I just got in this argument with a crew member. I wanna go to my old high school and put a crazy nice piece up that represents the school some how like an ill Tiger char or a big G.J. all burned out. It's kinda like giving a little something back. Hell it might even ride. CAPS................ alright give it to me............
  23. ....word........ TRUTH.... I tattoo cops a lot and you would be surprised how many actually like graff they just have to do the job when it comes to catching someone in the act. Most cops are good people but of coarse there are the few that are dickmoves and blow it for the others. When was the last time you had to call the police? When your stereo got stolen? When you saw an accident? etc.............. Just because we choose to do what we do doesn't mean we automatically have to meet some quota for cop hatred. Do you really think that you are on some pedistal because you paint. ITS ILLEGAL.... get the fuck over it and just paint. If you get caught it was your own dahm fault. Don't get me wrong... I have a general distaste for the police but I respect the fact that they have a job to do. CAPS............. c. ops a. nd p. eople s. uck
  24. ....Went out last night with a friend. I drug his ass out after he hadn't painted in 2 years. He draws some of the sickest outlines I have ever seen but we get to the freights and he just chokes. I ask him why he can't seem to get it together and he says that he doesn't like painting letters BUT he can draw sick letter shit. I don't get it. Is it really that hard to paint what you draw? No offense to him cause we still wrecked and had fun but I guess it just puzzles me. Anybody else have this problem? It seemed to really piss him off that he couldn't rock it. Maybe it's cause he hadn't painted in so long but I doubt it cause we got to a super chill freshly buffed water tower and he had all the time he needed and still was failing. wierd.... just observing. CAPS.......... mmmmmmmm. ........ dog-nuts
  25. .......hey........ I like German outlines and new york fats. Just me tho. CAPS.......... I hate that kid on t.v.
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