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  1. Thing that go BUMP in the night....
  2. I thought you were a Kangaroo Hunter like myself Mr Montana, if you get my drift... how do you know Californian lads?
  3. Hand styles? Thanks man!
  4. E.at T.he S.un ..before it eats you.. Very cool :D
  5. "Inner Aura" ;) I agree though... it dosent look too good on that piece, but i was hella stoned... eh... trial and error.
  6. Re: yuck -- go simple Simple is to boring fo me... I do simple sometimes... If its about balls Ive done a piece on a wall at the back of a cops house, throwups in crazy spots, all sorts of shit.
  7. Thanks for the props... yeah the letters are something im still working on... my sketches are fine... but freestyle letters are still a little sketchy. ohwell. That was my 1st panel... some crappy krylon for the fill... came out all differnt shades cause it was so cold and the train had condensation on it. :crazy: What do you guys think of the Phive? Should I get flicks from him and scan em?
  8. Some of my stuff (Updated 12�8) http://freephoto-i.net/users/1362/8047'> As tall as I can reach. http://freephoto-i.net/users/1362/8048'> http://freephoto-i.net/users/1362/8049'> 1st panel http://freephoto-i.net/users/1362/8050'> http://freephoto-i.net/users/1362/8051'> http://freephoto-i.net/users/1362/8052'> And a Phive flick cause he kills. http://freephoto-i.net/users/1362/8053'> ____________________________________________________________ Update rock y'all........dunno why they linked like that tho. http://image1ex.villagephotos.com/pubimage.asp?id_=540422&uid=42491'> http://image1ex.villagephotos.com/pubimage.asp?id_=540425&uid=42491'> http://image1ex.villagephotos.com/pubimage.asp?id_=540426&uid=42491'> Heh heh heh.... those stickers took 5 seconds to put up... heh heh heh http://image1ex.villagephotos.com/pubimage.asp?id_=540423&uid=42491'> http://image1ex.villagephotos.com/pubimage.asp?id_=540424&uid=42491'> http://image1ex.villagephotos.com/pubimage.asp?id_=540421&uid=42491'> Bigger is bettaaaah...... http://image1ex.villagephotos.com/pubimage.asp?id_=540434&uid=42491'> http://image1ex.villagephotos.com/pubimage.asp?id_=540435&uid=42491'> Just a quikie I whipped up this morning ;)
  9. If what you say is true... Hmmmm... Back in the day, Seen and them used to rock WCs while listening to stuff like Black Sabbath... so you cant exactly descriminate against writers based on what music they listen too. As for the "Goths'n'heroin" shit, you'd be surprised how many people think that all writers are smack addicted homeboys. I know a bunch of ex-writers who are "punk" and they used to be all for graff, but now they're like "fucking homies spraypainting shit" Sure graff is Hip-Hop, but its only cause of graff that I was exposed to decent rap. There are all sorts of culture barriers in the world (not race/location/religion based) you'd be surprised what assumptions are made by everyone about each culture eg. how many of you are actually in gangs, and regularly mug people and break into shops to steal stuff to sell so you can feed your budding heroin/speed/crack addictions? Exactly.
  10. Yeah, from what I've seen he's pretty fresh.
  11. We be from Austraila. I doubt you would have caught one of my freights lad... unless you where in Aus.... would've been the Boston Agres... But I plan to make a trip to the US one day and go freight hopping ;)
  12. Has no one else anything to say? :(
  13. Daytime layup action. Thats what.
  14. All of it was done in the last month and is still up. :D
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