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  1. Pool hall bathroom in onley
  2. proud to say i been biting yaa KA combo's for a long time... go work on yaa site....
  3. nightcrawla.com nice shit kare....
  4. yup yup yup yup yup your better then me... those last ones are fuckin bangin...whats up wit the club thing lately?
  5. first off in jail you use a brand new sock not a plastic bag pringles would work better then chip bags
  6. im feelin that xxxx'ed style wicket..im bite it hard
  7. yo we used to fuck up peoples order on purpose....cheeseburgers wit no meat,6 piece nuggets wit only 3 nuggets n half a buger in it..you make a big order you get everything plain..no ketup,no mustard,no pickles,no onions.. plus we was the only mcdonalds in philly wit out a drive-thur, and not sum bullshit mall store..full blown playground type shit.. lasted 3 weeks there....im a fuckin solider!
  8. now thats sum paper thug shit....
  9. dint pose do them fat ass girls ??
  10. when maggie get scan in the begining credits it says nra4eva or sum thing really close... they told you on a the reel clip show..
  11. i got cal ripkins brothers card wit FUCK FACE written on the bottom of the bat he is holdin , think its a fleer wit the grey bolder
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