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  1. please stop laughing:mad:
  2. AE..604!

    Phone Change

    dont worry about your shading,colours,or 3-d work on you letters you suck
  3. http://www.cartogra.com/rs/07942237-BA30-11D6-B42C-0090277A760E/screen'> thesis http://www.cartogra.com/rs/07942238-BA30-11D6-B42C-0090277A760E/screen'> uber http://www.cartogra.com/rs/07942240-BA30-11D6-B42C-0090277A760E/screen'> virus
  4. http://www.cartogra.com/rs/07942223-BA30-11D6-B42C-0090277A760E/screen'> labrona http://www.cartogra.com/rs/07942227-BA30-11D6-B42C-0090277A760E/screen'> mber http://www.cartogra.com/rs/07942228-BA30-11D6-B42C-0090277A760E/screen'> other http://www.cartogra.com/rs/07942229-BA30-11D6-B42C-0090277A760E/screen'> other http://www.cartogra.com/rs/07942235-BA30-11D6-B42C-0090277A760E/screen'> pesto
  5. http://www.cartogra.com/rs/07942220-BA30-11D6-B42C-0090277A760E/screen'> ewok http://www.cartogra.com/rs/07942221-BA30-11D6-B42C-0090277A760E/screen'> fes
  6. http://www.cartogra.com/rs/0794220D-BA30-11D6-B42C-0090277A760E/screen'> begr http://www.cartogra.com/rs/0794220F-BA30-11D6-B42C-0090277A760E/screen'> dekoy http://www.cartogra.com/rs/07942210-BA30-11D6-B42C-0090277A760E/screen'> dekoy
  7. nice fucking post, sever is nuts!! im happy
  8. so are u like a hardcore tag banger or what becaouse it seems like your hella gangsta by your vocab and the amount of times you said gang! fucking fag
  9. mistee's M is identicall to amaze's ....... shit happenes
  10. is there any shit around ground zero thats dedicated to 9/11 ( sept 11)
  11. cops can do what ever the fuck they want . you might not want to think this but its true. if they ask you to see your bag and you say no ur fucked and i suggest you run becaouse the cop is probbably still digesting his previous dunot incounter at ur naighborhood timies.. when im out bombing i ushual stash my bag a couple of times so that in case i get caout i wont have shit on me like for example i am on a fairly busy street around 2 am and i want to bomb this bus stop so i ditch my bag in a near by bush, take out one or two cans and paint it. now if a cop comes i have many advantages like, i can throw the cans to the side ,, have no bag to log around and theres also a better posibility of the cop not stopping if you have no bag..... thats some of my information. and remember cops are pigs they will do anything for food
  12. wheres some saber rollers!! and the tie roller on the frieght boat!!!
  13. ahah thats some funny shit.... yeah im not feeling the first pick
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