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  1. if you could meet one writer who would it be? Dead or alive.

    best blunt?

    a zig zag would be a joint
  3. Im really interested in the history of the bay area. If anyone could put down some of the info They know about the bay area (try to include dates) who was up, who had funk, ect.. that would be really great. If any of you think Im a cop how could I bust shit if we are talking about years ago? Alright? Just don't say any real names and Im sure it will be fine. Thanks a lot for your help...
  4. even if I was a pig why would it matter if I knew if some guy was in a certain crew??? and if it is incriminating then forget it and don't post
  5. I see a lot of people throw down different crews so I was wondering if anyone had a list of all members in crews like US, DTC, AWR, THR, OFA, AH, SOC, OH, GTB, MSK, DGA, OSH or any others thanks a lot

    Kill A Hoe

    where did that phrase come from and is it us wide or just in califorina or just in Mountain view los altos area

    Wanna trade?

    I just found a way to print pictures taken by my digital camera so I REALLY want to trade flix (hopefully fraights) with anyone who is down. EMAIL ME tyler_94024@yahoo.com
  8. whoopi is trying so hard to still be famous but all she is is a stupid hoe
  9. you don't know what the fuck your talking about, buck 65 is the SHIT. but bump for Sage and slug Im suprised people on this board really know somthing about good hip-hop!
  10. couldn't we have every person that goes on this website first have to click somthing saying that they are not connected with the police in any way? Just a thought...
  11. that is the sound of me fucking your mom
  12. Chip is awsome!!! I love that 3a crew whole car. and other is always nice same with apart! nice post!!! 1st
  13. what is the scratch show and how do I find out if they are coming to my town?
  14. If we got a large amount of graff writers to move into a small town somewhere in mid-america and we got a graff writer to be major and some more to be on the city council if we could get the town to make a law saying that graff is leagle there on all public property and allys? That would be awsome. You could probly, since you have members on city council, get a whole bunch of leagal walls made and paid by the city and have bi-monthly graffjams and envite people from all over to paint.
  15. what about the fraights??
  16. It seems like a lot of writers are moving or visting Oregon. Why? Are there a lot of fraights up there? Is there a big graff scean? is it more chill than the city? whats up with oregon??
  17. did anyone catch the eatfuk fraight on the new issue of scribble?? It was so nice. I was drooling all over my magazine!
  18. KILROE

    Nace sketches

    can anyone help? and no Im not biting I just want to take a closer look at his style
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