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  1. Zyl one

    is it ok to be gay?

    My opinion on being bi.. and this is something my gf bought up... its like, loving all people equally. You know, being just loving a man like you can love a woman and the other way around. I can see loving a man. Not sexually though... i just dont think its for me. Ive thought about it to see if i were gay, and im not. Im not homopohibic and if i start to feel like i like a guy, then i guess i like a guy. FUCK REPRESSION.
  2. Zyl one


    "BE exactly who you want to be, do what you want to do I am he and she is she but you're the only you No one else has got your eyes, can see the things you see It's up to you to change your life and my life's up to me The problems that you suffer from are problems that you make The shit we have to climb through is the shit we choose to take If you don't like the life you live, change it now it's yours Nothing has effect if you don't recognise the cause If the programme's not the one you want, get up, turn off the set It's only you that can decide what life you're gonna get" -Crass, Big A Little A now shut the fuck up.
  3. To me, sex is all about love... the pleaure part is covered by oral and what not. But actualy sex, its a way of telling my girl i love her, not trying to get her to love me more.. can i live without sex? yes. Can i live without my girl friend... no. I guess I'm prettty emo when it comes down to it(joke)
  4. Um... i hope you guys noticed, but my song was AGAINST bombing the middle east. oh well, w/e
  5. Haha nurse, i said "i.. i... was just joking" because i was. I dont really want everyone to get the wrong impression and start hating me, so i figured id straighten shit out. I suppose you can say i dont care waht people think of me, but this is a forum and in order to get normal replies you usually need to have a sort of good rep.
  6. Here we have some good pits when the bands dont suck. When it's hardcore the kids start kicking and punching air. Fun. When its hardcore and there arent any hardcore kids around its usually a nice circle pit or a really hard skank pit.... or jsut a nice tight packed in mosh pit. Kids usually jsut going crazy and doing wierd shit and spazzing out.
  7. For the most part i was kidding. I wouldnt really disrespect anyone like that, especially not at a a show. I have many friends who are into hardcore, and who dance like that. I am disliking the dancing, not the people. I have no problem with Sxe and i am not trying to generalize. Like i said i was really jsut kidding. my problem isnt with kids who dance, my problem is with kids who hit people on purpose, and how there dance keeps from starting a real pit. but what pisses me off MOST is kids who fucking start cherry picking or w/e in the middle of a tight moshpit. Also i am not new here. i registered oct 2001. I was lurking until as of late.
  8. My girlfriends from Maine. She usedta live in this ooold big victorian style house. It used to be an Inn, but there was a fire. Her and her mom told me stories about it. Like... sometimes, if you are upstairs you can hear party chatter and clinking glasses in the dining hall. Once, they were all outta the house, and they had guest from some other state, relatives or whatever... and the relatives went out to, but to a different place... so they come back to the house, and no one is home, so they ring the bell a few times, and this old lady comes down the stairs, lets them in, then goes back up stairs. Theres no fucking old lady living in that house. They tell my g/fs family about how they got in once they get back. THERES NO OLD LADY IN THAT HOUSE. That is some scary fucking shit. My girl friend told me that some nights, she could hear the old lady walking outside her room tapping her cane and shit. The person who made that suburbs comment, you is wrong sir. This new house my girl lives in... it used to belong to her stepfathers granparents... well, the grandad used to smoke cigars often, her mom wakes up in the middle of the night sometimes... smells cigar smoke and feels someone touching her face, she told this to the stepdad, he told her that her granpa would go into the granmas room everynight and touch her face and kiss her goonight and he smoked cigars all the time. i cant remember the resta the stories, and they ARENT bullshitting(they wouldnt)...its just that the mom used to read tarot and be a psychic readings typa lady, they are lituanian and have gypsy ancestry...this is why all these wierd spirits are attracted to em.
  9. Lyrics? yes. -Bombs Away- The TV set is on News about Iraqi bombs TV tells me another war Starving children cry "No more" Big bright eyes beg for peace When will this murder cease? [] Hear that whistle? See that light? (gang chor) BOMBS AWAY! BOMBS AWAY! x2 [] The TV set is on News about Iraqi germs CNN wont show a dying man squirm The TV says they burn the flag I would too if you killed my children I have an idea! (gang) EDUCATE! I have an idea! INSEMINATE the seed of freedom in your mind Cuz all this time, youve been blind Iraqi may reply with terrorism I would to if you killed my children [] Hear that whistle? See that light? (gang chor) BOMBS AWAY! BOMBS AWAY! x2 [] Bloody war in third world land Hold the life of a man in your hand Hows it feel to press the button? Let all those women and children die? Yeah, the lot of em are religious fanatics... But they're just mislead! Why teach em different, they're all dead. [] Hear that whistle? See that light? (gang chor) BOMBS AWAY! BOMBS AWAY! x2 [] Hear that whistle? See that light!? --
  10. Haha. I fucking hate hardcore mosh pits. Boring, uncreative fucking goons throwing big ape fists around. Idiots. Each time i see that shit, i wanna fucking puke. STOP GOING TO PUNK SHOWS AND HURTING PEOPLE YOU STUPID CUNTS. Especially if you are SxE, then i will spill my rum on you and put my clove out in your fucking eye. ** Puts hand over eyes and starts punching** hmph. losers.
  11. My first "first" post. I stuck my dick in it like that cheeseburger hot dog at the 7-11.
  12. Zyl one

    h4x0r life.

    STFU N0oBBZZZZZZO|2ZZ!!11 I K4N PWN YULLALLL!!!!!11 :king: :king: :king:
  13. If anyone is interested in knowing George Bush's process for deciding whether or not to bomb a country, here it is: First, he gets a map, and a dart, he throws the dart, then finds the country w/ the most oil closest to where the dart landed. Simple, easy, Bush-like. I should go to sleep. - Make love, not war.
  14. HOLY SHIT. I forgot a band that deserves...lots of mentioning to occur!!! STIFF LITTLE FINGERS!!! STIFF LITTLE FINGERS!!! STIFF LITTLE FINGERS!!! STIFF LITTLE FINGERS!!! STIFF LITTLE FINGERS!!! STIFF LITTLE FINGERS!!! STIFF LITTLE FINGERS!!! STIFF LITTLE FINGERS!!! STIFF LITTLE FINGERS!!! ... Stiff Little Fingers. good stuff and the Krays, and the bodies :)
  15. Zyl one

    Ey Kabar...

    I dunno if you have AIM or anything, but if you do IM me at AuthorityKills... i just wanna talk about trainhopping and that sort of thing. I find it really interesting, and if you dont have AIM maybe you can lemme email you or something...
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