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  1. apart, myth, the tooth paste man. and of course my man beknow.
  2. anybody want to trade some att flicks for some vancity flicks ope_8@graffiti.net
  3. YUK BLAH BOOOO garbadge grade school graffiti
  4. anyone with elicser, case, specs flicks want to trade for some vancouver and freight flicks? email: ope_8@graffiti.net or any other dope character flicks, preferably east coast or united states.
  5. all good especially lovin the characters. got any more skribe?
  6. ope

    Stay Out!!!

  7. ope

    canadian boy

    yeah kome i love that furry lookin one fuck the shit talkers, keep on keepin on.
  8. ope

    Stay Out!!!

  9. ope

    Stay Out!!!

    That shit's absurd!! How many crews can one guy push and feel good about it??? [/b] hahahah, no doubt. it seems that very few crews are very tight these days. etc defanently makes the list though, keep it up.
  10. ope

    Stay Out!!!

    :cool: nice, i've got multiple muddy feet in that spot. never quite so deep though, looks like fun.
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