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  1. KRAUT

    German Hip Hop

    Try these: Ruhrpott AG Creutzfeld & Jakob http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49KWQHQ1XFw Torch: None of that fancy new school "hip hop"
  2. haha I once won a battle against revise in the paper chase never knew this cat was that fresh
  3. is there any reason why there are German trains standing around in Pilsen?
  4. KRAUT

    supplies in europe

    ah I found it, they changed the name but I remember the address: Blue Velvet s.r.o. Cimburkova 17 Praha 3 It's not far from the city center. you can walk there easily. have fun
  5. KRAUT

    supplies in europe

    oh and for prague...go to hiphop.cz I found a link there somewhere. the store is called samet or something oh wait. i just checked the page...they changed it. sorry
  6. KRAUT

    supplies in europe

    when in london don't go to that store in camden its a rip-off. take the tube to brixton station, go out of the station, turn right, go into brixton market, there is a nice little graff-store inside the market-hall near a tattoo studio. prices are reasonable even for london.
  7. maybe its cause Germany is the biggest country in Europe so since the competition is so big you have to be good to get noticed.
  8. haha i've only been to berlin about 3 times and saw something everytime. even wholecars in traffic and a subway married couple wholecar in a station lay-up in spandau...that was in summer tho...lucky me...
  9. hamburg has windows in the front and in the end of the cars as well...and the little bumps are allover not only at the bottom of the car
  10. ^^that hot niks character looks pretty cantwo-ish in my humble...
  11. I think it is...the piece on the left looks like PASTOR, if I remember correctly that dood was down with the pornostars in Granada when I was there in march...met SEX and RETI too, all of them were pretty cool and everything. Plus Granada was mad full of their stuff...real nice! already looking forward to coming to spain next year!
  12. had to repost this since someone thought it was photoshopped. It is not. I REPEAT THIS PICTURE HAS NOT BEEN PHOTOSHOPPED. It was done by one of the most active crews here in northern Germany they don't even need to photoshop things haha...the original flic has was also printed in a local graff zine
  13. THIS THREAD AIN'T DEAD YET...! before.... after... there must be at least 5 layers on that backpack by now...
  14. KRAUT

    The Ukraine

    yeah that too...I just didn't know how to spell it in english haha :rolleyes: on the other hand putin declared yesterday that russia is going to start paying off the money they owe germany sooner than planned plus russia is going to buy a large number of highspeed trains from germany...but I'm not sure whether thats really worth it considering the state russia is currently in...
  15. KRAUT

    The Ukraine

    what really pisses me off is how schroeder rides putin's dick without even mentioning any of the 'hot' issues like ukraine or humanrights or freedom of press etc. :hatred:
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