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Motha Fuka

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  1. new kids on the block suck alota dick boy girl grops make me sick...............so true
  2. whn the priest comes to read me the last rights take a look thru the bars at the last sights of a world that has gone very wrong for me iron maiden rape me, rape me my friend, rape me, rape me again nirvana
  3. the scheme is great i will kill some1 if this is gone plz dont change it it feels light and right
  4. i know how u feel man...stand strong i found out my mom is really sick and she was for hella long i dont know whats gona happen with that and as far as god goes that is why i said fuck god and fuck religion a long time ago i never seen any good from that bullshit I FEEL UR PAIN MAN STAY IN THERE
  5. also being i fan my fav quote is whats ur name son....sir,LEONARD sir...leonard, what kind of a *forgotten mean comment here* name is leonard, only fags and sailors are named leonard and u dont look much like a sailor to me so that kind of narrows it down and also the one where hes like were u born so goddamn fat or did u have to work on that
  6. i was away for a while so i cant remember what happend to tease he get banned or somethin...for what
  7. ye its fight club best movie ever might i add
  8. just saw this on another board thot id have some fun here as well just post a quote and some1 answer and post a diff one ill start off "like a monkey ready to be blasted off into space.......space monkey"
  9. i like number 8 lemme get this straight so if i dont jack off and i deny it i still do it?
  10. whats red orange and black all over a nigger in church whats long and hard on a nigger 1st grade whats the difference between a nigger and a bike bikes dont start singin when u chain em how do u stop niggers from hangin around ur front yard hang em in the back how can u tell if a nigger used ur computer its not there how do u get a 1 armed polack down from a tree wave what do u call a fag in a sleeping bag froot roll up ill post more later
  11. dudes if u ever get out into sf hit me up i down for some urban exploration and i know hela good spots too
  12. one fukin day i met two fukin crazys in a day i was on my way back from wallenberg skate jam in sf and i hop the 38 on masonic the one next to office depot where the L stops but anyway some crazy chink bitch gets off the bus and she has a tag with a pic over her neck which had a pic of who i am assumin is her husband and below it said I LOVE MY WIFE so i started crackin up when i saw it and i was like u got a wife and u love her at first she was BLA BLA BLA in chineese but talks turned into agression shortly after she was swingin her purse at me tryin to kill me or sum shit but just my luck the L gets the so i hop on and i go to the back and take a seat......at fillmore some crazy black dude gets on with a walkman and start rappin outloud hella loud i mite add some stupid tupac song shit went somethin like DERZ A GHETO IN EVERY CITY A NIGA ON EVERY BLOCK WE UNSTOPABLE NIGA UGHHHH WE BREED LIKE FLIES or someshit so i start laughin my ass off and the black dudes like whachu laffin at fu and im like u douche and he goes up to me and pushes me and hes like wassup then niga and i go fuck u and push him bak and he goes well fuk u then niga i aint in tha mood fo dis shit and gets off the bus he probably got skared by my lil skatin sidekick who was behind me but it was a wierd day and it ended with the kfog kaboom fireworks party
  13. i feel that i kinda suck but since i heard chet thomas say ill skate till i cant walk in opinion it became my motto so now i skate everyday nomatter how much it hurts i dont care anymore i just go out and do the only thing i like in my life and the only thing thats fun to me and if it helps anyone puttin in a good two hours everyday helped me out alot in the last year i made more progress than in my whole skatin experience
  14. my favorite from the original series is definatelly jazz but my favorite transformer is from best wars...tigertron
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