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  1. Quick funny story. So I am sitting in a job interview the other day all decked out in a suit and tie with my hair all gelled up thinking how funny it was that a few days before I was sneeking around on the train tracks painting, and now here I am all professional looking. So I am waiting to go into the interview and I look down at the brocures on the table and they all say NACE in the lower right hand corner. I was short for National Association of Colegic Employers. I could not help but to crack a smile. It made me feel much more at home........bump bump..
  2. Did anyone see the new issue of Beautiful Decay. Just thought I would give it a bump because I got it in the mail today and it is pretty fucking dope. It is a good mix of artsy stuff and graff, mostly graff though.....real good freight section with an article on virginia and an interview with dave kinsey. thumbs up.
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