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  1. Never caught But chased a bunch o times And sometimes I just run for the hell of it:dazed:
  2. do ppl ever bomb tractor trailor trucks? I don't think I've ever seen it even in ny but maybe I'm just not looking.
  3. She has a huge rack to hold in her bg heart. awwww.:idea:
  4. Actually, all my hair got burnt off when Diane Sawyer stuck my head in anoven because she was so jealous of my putrid tresses. Are you blond? "Just because I'm blonde don't think I'm dumb cos this dumb blond ain't nobody's fool."--Dolly Parton
  5. I have Big Bed. 2 dorm beds pushed together. My roommate moved out. I used to have a tent up, but I pulled it down in a drunken tumble with a friend. The tent was Big Bed's sheets hung all over the wall, like a little kid. Then I had a little kid jam session on my head and cut all my hair off. Now I look like the petit prince. And I live in disneyland
  6. I played five dolly parton songs on my radio show last week and it was like cumming. I love her so much and think she's such a good person and she is wonderful. I may have to change my tagggg.:love:
  7. my mommy loves juan dixon and makes me watch him on the teevee. Nice to know University of MD is good for something!
  8. jaquitued out=retarded (named after a kid in class me + homegirls call jakey II. he's actually on 12ozprophet!!)
  9. Whatever happened to Marmuchian??? I want to hang out with him! I also want to hang out with onorok and make out with him for making the world so uch prettier lalala. And Devilush cos she seems like a nice lady and I (sigh) really want to paint with another girl.:( :( :mexican:
  10. Professer poopatronic you're the coolest person here!!
  11. I didn't really consider myself a writer till I got my first pulitzer prize.
  12. I once hid in the graveyard where a world-famous cross dresser is buried. She/he smiled over us benevolently and we were safe and warm.
  13. I once hid in the graveyard where a world-famous cross dresser is buried. She/he smiled over us benevolently and we were safe and warm.
  14. Homeless people one day might save my life--I paint alone (not always out of choice) and I'm a little writer who appears easy to fuck with (at least I admit it) and if I'm doing some piece by the train tracks and some ill-hearted writer comes down and is pissed with me over some dumb shit like going over a capped piece or looking different or anything (come one you know at least one writer I'm sure who has psycho beef with the world), they could tie me to the tracks. I'd fight tooth and nail but it could happen, which is a ridiculous risk I acknowledge every time I paint, so who could I call for help? Maybe my friend in the lean-to under the bridge who pays no rent. . . that's why I always bring the homeless people cookies and delicious things for eating. And grenades, just in case. (I'm kidding bout the grenades ps by the way):idea: :) :idea: :idea: :idea:
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