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  1. everyone bitches about it being full of talking and not flicks.... so stop fuckin posting comments on it.
  2. its funny im sure thats a ges piece but the dude dont look like ges. people never look the same when caught on film. weird shit.... but anywho show the ges
  3. i went to a concert the other day and there was a dude there painting hats. he was using unis or deco markers. the second i saw them drawing on hats i wanted to leave and bomb. but what can you do.
  4. maybe its just me but it seems like within the past two years half of my friend have gone from taking OC's on weekend to taking them daily, than to booting heroin multiple times daily. is this a serious problem anywhere else or is it just in my area?
  5. anyone in here ever cycled these two and gotten good results? ive done the test with some winstrol depot but never with deca?
  6. ctrl alt how about you and bush take tests and we see who gets a better score? or we put you in a difficult situation and see who comes up with the best resolution. and man i know more about shit thats happend in the US goverment than you or anyone you get your "facts" from knows. most that shit you read anywhere is opinion. i get my information from people who are involved in resolving this shit. so how about you suck my dick, call me daddy and we call it even?
  7. i am usually against abortion but your mom should have had one or maybe she should only suck cock like your bitch ass
  8. he also warned him he was going to attack. and he didnt give up its his own fault. and i dont think you have to worry about bush letting to many americans die. he has a no bullshit way of doing things. clinton is the one who fuckin put us in this situation
  9. all you people talking shit about bush have no clue what you are saying. how about you spend ten minutes in his shoes. yeah war is fuckin horrible and no one technically wins is just a shitty thing. but you have no clue what is going on. you say these people go by what they see on the news. my grandfathers brother was a top person in the CIA or whatever when jfk was president and people plan attacks on us every fuckin day and they stop it. you think this shit is over oil??? the bush's have more fuckin money than god. just for the sake of comparison. people jock famous writers and try and bring em down. just like rich and famous people. they get jealous. a lot of people are jealous of our country we have more freedom and more shit than any other country. you can go from having nothing to having whatever the fuck you want if you play your cards right. also saddam isnt supposed to have weapons of mass destruction. he said he had none. we have satelite video of his mobile labs and shit. right after we sent missiles there he retaliated with missiles that he "didnt have" and we are unjust with searches cause he "has nothing". you pussys are so fuckin lame. there are people over their dying and risking their lives to protect us all. not just the US but everyone. the dude does support terrorists too. what do you think they pull those chemicals and bombs and rocket launchers out of their fuckin ass? or build them from adobe? wake the fuck up
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