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  1. http://www.artcrimes.com/doze/doze.close.jpg'> Doze
  2. Brusied? Yet another spelleing error by the infamous seeking innocence. The correct spelling is bruised.
  3. Dash FBA and Bates TNB goes big in Germany 2001 (check person on the left for size...) I think you mean the other left.;)
  4. Something's wrong with your account.
  5. Very skillful work, but you should try to paint different topics. You have very good can and airbrush control.
  6. They're O.K. I don't like the first or last...
  7. Ha Ha! Bump for C-Child! Bump for Fees! Bump for Role! Bump for Sed! Bump for Bes! Bump for Tank! Bump for Goze! Thank you!
  8. oshermanfeze

    More Signs

  9. http://www.yourphotos.com/users/5662/WBwip5.jpg'> Who's that?
  10. The S and E flow okay, but you get in a little trouble with the C and the K. Keep the same amont of lines and negative space throughout the entire piece.
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