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  1. This is just silly, no more message boards for Mark. People talk so much shit it's just so weak. I'm just gonna do my thing and if I get hated on, then so be it. No more internet games. I know who I am and I know where I stand. adios guys!!!!!!!! :( :( :(
  2. I guess your right hand job, I think I'm just in need of a long summery vacation. nicely tanned women and fruity tropical drinks. hummmm! no need for headaches.
  3. Vap... I know who! hey buddy, keep your mouth shut, or come to Vancouver and we can battle. if you have a problem you can email me, illeffect@hotmail.com your coments just show how stupid you are!
  4. I hope this kid never ever goes anywhere near a yard. makes me angry to just think about it. hope he get's hit by a bus!
  5. If you think that Love sucks, then your doing it wrong. Love is awsome, ups and downs, and all around! ONE LOVE!
  6. that's a whole shit load of pictures. nice stuff!
  7. a picture is worth a thousand words!
  8. yuh, tasty stuff! For really!
  9. I've seen lot's of SEBO panels. does it really matter though.
  10. Mentos freight is tight! post more flicks, anyone? I'll probably post some more later.
  11. here's some more stuff... walls... http://www.illeffect.crcn.net/images/van1/hes.dec.jpg'> hesk/dect http://www.illeffect.crcn.net/images/van1/take3.jpg'> take5 http://www.illeffect.crcn.net/images/van1/sight.jpg'> sight http://www.illeffect.crcn.net/images/van2/tasq.ask.jpg'> tasq/ask http://www.illeffect.crcn.net/images/van3/cameo5.jpg'> cameo bombs... http://www.illeffect.crcn.net/images/bomb1/ekto.b.jpg'> ektos http://www.illeffect.crcn.net/images/bomb2/resr.b2.jpg'> reser http://www.illeffect.crcn.net/images/bomb2/qwt.btle.b.jpg'> qwit
  12. this guy is from Holland, I only saw one Banana. anyway, dope shit, very fresh!
  13. thanks Zaius, I'll post some more stuff later tonight. let's keep this post going. Anyone who's got good Vancouver flicks, feel free to post.
  14. http://www.illeffect.crcn.net/images/train11/t_ephx01.jpg'> EPHX IS A KING!!!
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