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  1. hip-hop, punk, any thing that gets me pumped ~KRYLON2~
  2. i like reading about graff in newspapers when their not talking about how much of a burden we are on the city. Its cool learning about the innovators of graff and what got them started. ~KRYLON2~
  3. paint is paint it dont matter what brand it is ~KYLON2~ peace
  4. to much to much ~KRYLON2~ "there's a war goin on outside, no man is safe"
  5. my first time painting i didnt expect to be perfct wit can control i mean i had the typpical drips and a few outline errors but for my first time it wasnt terrible, but i went back to the spot lika week later and it looked wack as hell so i juss painted over it with new stuff. ~KRYLON2~ " there's a war goin on otside, no man is safe"
  6. legals are strait to practice on because you can take your time on mastering your letters or practice new ones. in my opinion i've never hit a legal, but if i knew where some are in chicago i'd go there to practice and meet other writters and get influenced. but i can bet you'd get more of adrenaline rush when you go illegals. ~KRYLON2~
  7. thats fucking blows. if that happened to me i'd get my ass kicked by my parents. but the more i think about it theres no better way to get caught than to be hanging off a building. ~KRYLON2~
  8. my favorite colors are all the blues, white, flat black, cherry red, and dak greens. ~KRYLON2~
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