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  1. bigguy


    its called side busting! Fucking cheap fame!!
  2. Rather look at letters then some fancy fag colors anyways.
  3. this is ridiculous....
  4. shave that scrub face hair off and replace your cartriges!!
  5. graffiti photos sold on ebay? what ever happened to good old trading? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...=ADME:B:LC:US:1
  6. i just posted this in another thread..bah..beat me to it... haha.. more fag shit
  7. thats what i thought... fucking faggit shit.
  8. http://www.getting-up.com/ fucking joke
  9. Is there any good shows up now or in the near future? What are some cool galleries to check out?
  10. Would like to send out a shout to sarahyoulose. APPRECIATE!!!:king:
  11. ya heard? google is going public? Whatcha thing good idea or bad..ima sure if you jump on quik...yall get a sweet ride..but i think itll die fast party hard die young!
  12. bigguy


    How long have you graffed for?
  13. Isnt this the graffiti tips section? Intresting you closed a "tips" thread... maybe im supposed they mean..im supposed to put questions like this here; "Where can i get some spray paint can tips? , you know like new york fat caps?" Big ups to the players and hustlers keeping it real off the internet. :mexican:
  14. bigguy

    Graff tips

    turn your cell phone off..or at least to vibrate in a yard. i cant think of any thing else right now..
  15. bigguy

    Graff tips

    ill keep posting them as they come to my head. Hope fully this is helpfull to all.
  16. bigguy

    Graff tips

    Make sure you point the nozzle of the spray can away from your self. Watch for cops Use good colors If you line it, sign it. Don't be a bitch.
  17. blah blah blah alot of great freights in the mix up there though...
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