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  1. Yeah, been a while, but tonight I tried to entertain myself at the bar by trying to fight this guy (Chad Rapp?) I guess, so we go outside and this dude is like pushing 300+. So's Im like "O.K. fuck it, i'm game"...dude is swingin' and huffin', really trying to hit me, LOL, sorry...and i'm like " Whatever, this is weak." So's I let the guy rip my shirt off, slide out of it, and he's there standing with one of my work undershrits in his hand like "WHAT! WHAT!" And i'm thinkin' "Maybe I shouldn't beat this guy cause he works here, in the only bar near my house, with a pool table, and I can get tabs till Payday there...so's i'm like "What ever man Its' ALL you." So he's like "Yeah, fuck this dude" J.G.'s like "What ever?" And they go inside. So I follow and hang in the stairwell listening to Chad Crapp talk all this shit...the usually "man, you should have seen it!...Man He's a faggot!...Man, i'm the MAN!!...Anyway he starts talking about paint, and then I open the door and Im like "what the fuck are you sayin'?"... He starts..."Ah man, i'm NSF, what the fuck!" So i'm looking at 'em thinking "I've never seen this guy on Semple?" He's like "Yeah, yeah...I'm a fuckin' writer!" Bartenders like "Case just leave, i'll see you tomorrow" So....to Nise, 21, Crowns, Joey-Oe, Yelp, Evil, Ono, Dev, Stu-E, Reke, Nude, Jake, Brandon, and all the 369...sorry for bringin' it to your boy, but man he is WEAK! -Allah Akbar
  2. Caseism412


    I rock kazaalite and it works fine, but beware I recently crashed my computer and had to download everythig back and kazaalite is only for purchase ot free aymore.. luckily my friend gave me a copy of his and everythig is cheery
  3. these illusions have actually been done since the Renniesance days. One of my classmates did a whople report on this kind of art, I know it starts with an "A"....I think. It's really big in Europe. Decent shit definately!!!
  4. Kids was cool when it came out cause it had Harold Hunter and Vinnie Ponte from Zoo York skate crew in it and just the debachery of youth living in an urban setting. I've never seen Bully or the movie discussed here. but I have to defend the Kids movie great characters ( read genuine) ya'll know someone like casper or telly. Great soundtrack and direction I especially enjoy the last scenes of the early morning. Another film is Gummo its like the complete opposite side of the spectrum compared to kids but its fuckin crazy. Based in Ohio its got huffing cockroaches, fucking retards for coke and some weird kid in a bunny suit. I recommend it!!
  5. I used to rock kazaalite on my PC and as usual it had it's yearly crash, well I found out I can no longer install kazaalite without havig to pay for it?.....Or can I. I have a Mac (OS 9.2) and using limewire but it sucks real bad. Does anyone have any opinions or recommendations on programs that are reliable and comparable to Kazaalite.. also is there any way to retrieve my files that are still on my PC.... I own bankloads of MP3's and I know the files are still there. Thanks
  6. Looks like Skeletor was hittin the rum then tried to take out the TV remote.... and found out them fuckers hit back!!!!
  7. Re: haven't seen these on here I got a box full of those fuckers, you can order markers that are good up to 2000 degrees F....rugged!!!
  9. Decent post guys!!! Yeah I remember those Operation Livesavers, my dad used to work for GTE and I remember he had to watch this video from his union cautioning about workers crossing roadbeds without looking. Man some of that footage was sick, I remember this one guy caught the front left side of his bucket truck and the train dragged it for like two miles, fucking bottom of the truck was grinded down to nothing. Don't forget to do your hand slaps before benching!! Good shit!!
  10. one word..........Vancouver.......nothing in the US is even remotely comparable to THAT city!!!!!!!!!
  11. Caseism412


    Nice action shots!!!! What's the deal with the mass of people? Protest?
  12. They say Conneticut is catching it though
  13. I dont think its anything serious, but man it got a little tense there. They're saying it only people on the Niagra power grid Grateful it ain't us down here!!
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