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  1. if so how the fuck do you do this write a program to draw a right triangle as below * ** *** **** ***** the program should ask the user for the height of the triablge and you should use no more that 2 printf statements :confused:
  2. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: ebayizzle
  3. pittsburgh http://www.ocfwpa.org/images/pittsburgh.jpg'> http://www.steeltown.com/Steel%20Mill2.JPG'>'s%20night.jpg'> http://www.city.pittsburgh.pa.us/skylines/assets/images/mt.jpg'> http://www.city.pittsburgh.pa.us/skylines/assets/images/eveningriver.JPG'> http://www.thediamondangle.com/archive/june01/pncsky2.jpg'>
  4. thanks for the comments... i'm now looking at that sony.. sounds like a good shot... oh yea.. what's the best price you found for it>?
  5. http://www.sonystyle.com/intershoproot/eCS/Store/en/imagesProducts/250x250/DSCP8.jpg'> i've been seeing this one a lot.. anyone got it..?
  6. i'm shopping for a new digital camera.. i want something from the 200-400 dollar range. i've peeped these so far let me know if you got an opinion on any of them http://www.olympusamerica.com/img/cpg_images/product/huge912.jpg'> D-560 http://www.olympusamerica.com/img/cpg_images/product/huge910.jpg'> c-750 http://www.minoltausa.com/cpgimages/DiMAGE_S414.jpg'> DiMAGE S414
  7. i'm hating not seeing new raels shit in this city... be eazy.... hope your doing well:king:
  8. reke is right here...... he says :lol:
  9. grip o homo's this shit makes me sick in the tummy... at least bite some good graf..
  10. just recently finished catch-22 .. prolly the best book to my knowing aside from slaughter house 5...
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