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  1. yeah i feel yeah, i just dont know why someone would put pink floyd next to their throw, but watev, yeah fohr is gettin nice with his for shure!!!!! who is this snafu cat thats been bombin around detroit?? shit looks nice caught some freights of his a while back
  2. i got flicks of that roller, that shit is hot!!!!! i almost got into an accident on my way to work when i seen that...nice site too
  3. bump! feel free to add more flicks... peice
  4. that prae is cool, but all that other shit is awful, really fuckin corny
  5. everyone should read what ultra wrote, im feelin everything you said 100%.
  6. i caught a nace frieght with a pre throwie over it a couple months back
  7. Mr. Gerbik


    hey kid your tuff
  8. where did you catch that HIGH at??? i caught that around the end of august...good flicks
  9. http://members.tripod.com/wholecar/CHILDA.gif'> http://members.tripod.com/wholecar/CHILDB.gif'> http://members.tripod.com/wholecar/CHILDC.gif'>
  10. i think grass green is gone, i found one the other day along with an old ass can of meadow green...that shit is dope. i wish i could find some avacado...
  11. what the fuck are you talking about??????????????????????????
  12. i can usually find this color at any hardware store, meijers, etc. but cant find it anywhere, i was just wondering if it was recently discontinued...
  13. rip, really nice flicks, a lot ive never seen before.
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