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  1. Flat

    uk wall flixs

    yes itchie!!!1
  2. Flat

    uk wall flixs

    all viel crew, but atleast some new flicks for the thread.. all i got after my computer fucked up.
  3. Flat

    uk wall flixs

    I know this is mostly legals, but heres some illegals to mix it up..
  4. Flat


    sorry its all one crew, but all i got atleast its not all tarner for once on this thread, all illegal
  5. Flat


    Thread needs a bump, but i only got these flicks that are at all recent.. cant remember last time i took my camera out
  6. Flat


    Could anyone point me in the direction of a vaguely decent, as in not shitty and part of a hotel or something, club/bar kind of thing around here? That doesnt play cheesy pop. Here for innovation, that doesnt start until tomorrow so need something for tonight :p
  7. Flat


    Edit: Apparently phones suck at taking yard photos. Despite the flash. In other news, mftc4 rocks.
  8. Flat

    White people rapping,

    Sorry.. I think I missed something.. Why is a black kid any more 'urban' than a white kid by default? And no, I'm not urban. Nor am I black.
  9. Flat


    edit: second thoughts
  10. Flat

    The Killing Fields

    Its one of those films Ive always told myself I'll see.. Yet for one reason or another never have :( Like Platoon as well.
  11. Flat


    Annoying this is, I know thats what I should do.. Just cut her out.. I know atleast one other girl that wants to be with me.. Thing is though, I still love her despite all this shit.. Making me a mug, quite possibly.
  12. Flat

    im in the mood for something good to read

  13. Flat


    Partying would be great, saddly the industrial strength drugs they pumped me full of has ended that possiblity for atleast this weekend. Need to keep taking pills as well, as apparently if the huge gash across my wrist/tendon etc. got infected I could possibly lose the use of my hand. And that would suck. Already fucked up few days Lens, its been month+ now. But was all going good till this weekend, so I think its kinda reset the clock.
  14. Flat


    And that Lens, is my plan.. However I kinda fucked it up with the 4 days in hospital being an absolute mess as I had nothing else to think about. So kept telling her how much I missed her etc. etc. Thing is though, doing that is risking fucking myself up more.. and im not a gambling kinda guy.
  15. Flat


    Dont get me wrong, last time I punch stuff out of anger :) Hopefully anyway. But yeah, I'm kinda aware thats what I should do.. Just can't, still like her too much.. Even after that.