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  1. Happy Birthday T... 17 FOREVER. You already know.
  2. Powers55


    you're gonna make me go back 5 years and be a time hater.... ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? You're all grown up now cmen!!! You fucking coward I don't give a fuck if you pump roids or if you grew your nails longer. ONCE A BITCH, ALWAYS A FUCKING BITCH. You must think you're hard now that you grew some pubic hair & started having your period. Hey Gent remember when we were pulling in to my complex in the van with F5 and cheese? Remember who was waiting for me by the gaurd gate with a blackbook like a son holding a catchers mitt waiting for his father to come home??? it was cmennnnnn!!! You little lying ass toy... your face would light up with a happy meal smile everytime you saw me fag... YOU KNOW IT!!!! I know exactly who the fuck it was that ran from me. Now he's crew affiliated, but back then that nigga saw ME and hit it. I know so & you said so yourself after you dropped dime on him. Unlike you, he proved himself & the nigga turned out to be a bomber and now he's down with us... You on the other hand stayed toy and grew up to be a compulsive liar living in denial on Dellusional Island... why do you always bring up other niggas that have nothing to do with shit? Because you're a fucking nobody. please nigga you know damn well I would put you in a figure four leg lock and make you suck my cock... I'm gonna stop wasting my time giving you the forum fame you seek. I hope to run into you again so I can see what size bra you wear now that you're such a big girl. Die. Toby whats up with Sunday?we need to be DOIN' THEM THANGS boy. holler @ me, and cmen you can swallow @ me.
  3. Powers55


    yeh and He also used to offer me free drinks frum his crib.. so fucking wha ??? he acted down infront of my face...and thats that! what he said behind my back, dont mean shit to me nigga! MEN ACT LIKE MEN EVERYWHERE BITCHES talk shit behind backs. thats a fact! funny thing its that .. he saw my cousin at the tattoo shop one time.. and he asked How i was doing ... like he never talked shit. shhhh....killers move silently I'm glad I hardly ever come on here anymore... but as usual I have to set the record straight since my name came up... cmen i guess you're trying to imply that you never stalked me & sat outside of my house for hours... or chased my mom's car down for 3 blocks just to throw me a peace sign at me... I guess I'm going to have to have to pull your card right now. I can just go into detail about how much I have dissed you and your friends in the past to all your faces. How you snitched on your OWN friends when they took off running from me in front of my house... or should I start on how you used to knock on my door to see if I could check out your newest "blackbook burner"... nigga please. You ride dick, your a fucking fan of me. You are, have been, and always will be a fucking paperboy/backyard toy. You suck, you were sucking dick to try and get into DME. I said HELL NO. Telling niggas "oh, I wanna be DME, but I think Oil does'nt like me." Bitch you KNOW I don't like you. Thats why you did'nt get put down. You could NEVER be down with us. You fucking jocker... 5 years ago you were'nt shit and today you ain't shit. I saw your buddy at the tattoo shop, we already touched this subject... your boy ain't you. You already forgot? cmen you know damn well I would take that thong you wear and give you a huge fucking wedgie... I remember the time I saw you at some bullshit event and you tried to give me dap and I left you hanging like a nutsack, you did'nt even say shit to me. You just stood there and bowed your head... You could never talk shit on me. You used to knock on my door more than a fucking jehovah's witness!!! My mom would be like "Oye, en la puerta esta ese chiquito que te quiere soplar tu pipi." I gave you a fucking drink ONE time so you could get the fuck away from my house... I'm glad to see that was such a memorable moment in your life... you're Stan as fuck. I'm gonna stop now because this is boring and I think I just ruined your life enough. I think you should really fall back now before you start some shit you can't finish, or make me put you out there on this 12oz. Screen some more. :( :gaga: :( :gaga: :( :gaga: :( :gaga: :( :gaga: :( :gaga: Quoted post [/b]
  4. Powers55


    I guess this is an indirect message towards me? As far as I know I'm the only "moderator" with crew ties in Florida... The funny thing is I don't moderate shit on here, nor do I give a fuck what goes on here. The last time I deleted some shit on here was about a year ago and it was my business... Sounds to me like you're just another anonymous toy hating on the real niggas that run Miami. Its nothing new that the crews I'm down with HAVE BEEN RUNNING SHIT. basically the same shit happening 10 years ago is still happening today... the same crews are still around, still active... still in control. The same names, some new ones... but all still affilliated. We don't die, we multiplyyyy... Will you leave your name? nope you won't... you know why??? Because you're a fucking nobody... and in 2 years you'll quit. Because you have been & always will be just a bunch of suckers!!!! :gaga: :gaga: :gaga: :shook: :shook: :shook:
  5. Powers55


    siiike. :five-o: :privateeye: :miamivice:
  6. real funny... I wanna hear this faggot's reply. I got something for him in New York.
  7. Powers55


    GSURENO that was him on that hopper... as far as numbers, :king: ... as far as style, ALL HIS OWN... take notes bitches... amish homo needs to slip, trip, & backflip onto my dick.
  8. Who the fuck are you? That shit was from 4 years ago. I never said that I had never heard of Roler, I just did'nt like his reply. That little back and forth with me & him has long been resolved. What the fuck does your worthless ass opinion matter in this? You're not Roler... you're trying to diss me? You're a fucking cheerleader... put down your pom-poms for a minute so you can pull Roler's dick out of your mouth you stalkerjocker. OIL*WHTKOCODU$T
  9. come back down south... FLIP IT! WH© HM©
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