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  1. Is That A Real T-Shirt? I want one for Sunday School. Cool color,
  2. You Guys Are On To Something Here I especially liked the idea to simply put the entire state on "ignore." Man, if only it were possible. But how about a boycott? Hell, yeah, that would work. Show us who's the Boss! Fuckin'-A. Boycott us. Refuse to even come here. Refuse to buy anything from Texas, including gas, oil and salsa. ("New York City? Get a rope.") Hell, yeah, man. Punish us, by refusing to do business here, to even mention the name of our awful state. In fact, maybe this could become a sort of exodus of all good, intelligent liberals, and y'all could sort of aband
  3. Risk of Nuclear War has always been there Since about 1947 or '48, when the Soviets finally admitted they had the Bomb, and a way to get one to us. I'm not sure of the exact year. Back in the 1950's the sociologists used to say that "living in the Shadow of the Bomb" was he reason that 1950's teenagers were so fucked up. Personally, I never bought that Rebel Without A Cause stuff. What changed the teenaged world wasn't the nuclear bomb, it was the availability of the automobile, in my opinion. One of the things that has profoundly changed the teenaged world since the 1970's i
  4. BROWNer How is it that your slanted-ass, myopic opinions are just perfectly acceptable, by my slanted-ass opinions are so despicable? Being older than the average person on this board doesn't give me any special understanding of world events today, but I enjoyed a bird's-eye view of the so-called Peace Movement back in the '60s, and I think my opinions about it are valid. It was very correctly vilified by the conservatives back then as a COMMUNIST-LED political movement, and it definately was Communist-led. The goals and objectives of the various "anti-war" organizations, from top to
  5. Doubt seriously you'll remember these exchanges Twenty years from now, when you are looking back on this war, I doubt seriously that you guys will remember me or any of these exchanges. All I can say is that I was fifty times as bitterly against the Vietnam War as anybody on this board, and just as smart-ass about it as any of you. I thought I knew better than any of the adults and I thought Johnson, then Nixon were both fascists, blah, blah, blah. I WAS WRONG. I hated "plastic people" (oh, the surety of one's convictions when young), and the suburbs. Smoking pot was de rigeur, t
  6. Saddam Hussein is a Monster And he's just one of many. I work with a male nurse from Nigeria. He went to nursing school in UK, and originally he and his wife lived in Saudi Arabia, then France, then UK. In UK, he worked at a hospital that cared for some victims of torture. One of his patients was a former design director for Iraqi TV. He did something to make Saddam angry. Saddam had him arrested, and imprisoned for several years, where he was tortured daily with electricity. They used so much voltage on his tongue, that his tongue shrivelled, and he can no longer talk or swallow c
  7. If the guy is actually a friend The thing to do is try and figure out what caused his self-esteem to take such a plunge that he would become susceptible to something like being a member of a group of haters. You know know, like driving around looking for people of another color to hurt and kill, or get involved with wierd symbolism, and investing all that importance and power to what is basically a pack of bullshit---oh, wait a minute, you said WHITE SUPREMACY, shit. I thought you were talking about just regular murderous gang bangers, not the extra-crispy, "no-excuses for murdering peo
  8. This is called "fragging" The term comes from the word "fragmentation grenade". It was often threatened or sullenly discussed in the Vietnam War, but is relatively rare in the modern armed forces. An excellent example of why shitbirds should be immediately discharged. The Marines have a lot less of this bullshit, because they set the bar pretty high. You must be a high-school graduate to even enlist in the Marines. You have to finish Boot Camp (10% don't make it---usually because they are emotionally/ mentally unstable & can't handle stress.) The Marine Corps will shitcan you in
  9. How Smart is This? The United States is bombing the ever-loving shit out of Iraq, our military forces are roaring towards Baghdad, our Special Forces are raiding villages in the middle of nowhere, looking for Osama Bin Laden, and you dumb asses are saying shit about assassinating the PRESIDENT? ON THE INTERNET? What, are you crazy, or what? Just have a powerful desire to be detained and interrogated by the Defense Intelligence Agency, or what? Idiots. I'd think just your own sense of self preservation would prevent you from doing something so dumb. Guess not. "There's no such t
  10. Looks like we lost a bunch of posts Oh well.
  11. STRETCH My mother is ill, she is going in for a heart-valve replacement on Monday, 3/24/03. This may screw up my plans to come up to Amory early, but I'm still going to try to make it. If Mom is doing okay, and we have plenty of nursing care from my sisters and other family and friends, I'll try to be there just like I planned. I haven't heard back from Derek, I don't know if he's coming with me or what. Tell Tex howdy, give old Burl a "tweat" for me.
  12. Every State makes it's own laws And rightly so. There are 38 states that use the death penalty, Texas is by far not the only one. The difference here is that Texas juries are more willing than juries in other states to hand out the death penalty. For a murder to be capital murder in Texas it has to be heinous. Committed against a child or a peace officer (firefighters and EMT/ambulance crews are "peace officers" under the laws of Texas.) It must be aggravated--murder committed during the commission of another felony, murder committed after laying-in-wait or from ambush. These types
  13. E2S2K I can't say that I disagree with you, but the question is "How?" There is no way to prevent Pakistan from developing the Bomb. Iran couldn't launch a nuclear missle at us, but she might be able to send us one in a shipping container on a Japanese container ship. The very nature and volume of modern commerce prohibits us from checking every container thoroughly. The same nation that successfully consumes several billion dollars worth of illegally smuggled cocaine every year cannot expect to be safe from terrorist nukes that come in on merchant ships or in the hold of a commer
  14. No system invented by and operated by human beings is 100% perfect. Without question, there probably are at least some people who are innocent who go to prison, and I concede that there might be an innocent person or two who actually makes it to death row. In the entire U.S., we have executed about 550 people since 1976, according to the death penalty figures I read just now on the internet. Most of these sorry murderers are guilty as sin. But there might be a condemned person here or there that was unfairly or wrongfully convicted. Since it take 12 or 14 years, on the average, to exe
  15. Bottom line---this guy murdered a 16-year old boy for absolutely no good reason. What about Richard Whitehead's appeal? Where is his chance for a re-trial? What opportunity did he have to see justice done? It is as if the liberals just forget all about you if some fucking monster kills you. Delma Banks murdered Richard Whitehead. He got convicted and sentenced. He appealed his sentence. Adios, bad person. Note to murderers: Stay out of Texas unless you want to be executed by some hard-hearted Department of Criminal Justice corrections officers. You will get a trial by a jury of
  16. Just post whatever you want and don't worry about it. Some people will like it, some people won't like it, some people will diss you---what do you care? It's all happening in cyberspace anyway. Once in a while I hit a topic everybody hates. Oh well. Can't please everybody. The flip side of that is that once in a while I hit one that everybody thinks is great. It's fun, and you get to hone your ideas. There have been times when I thought "I'm spending too much time and effort on this bullshit." Hmmm. Maybe. But 12 oz. has it's rewards, and I really enjoy writing here more than an
  17. One of biggest drawbacks of being the Only Superpower Orrather, the only remaining superpower, is that if you claim to be the biggest and the baddest, everybody has it in for you. They all are annoyed at not being the biggest World Leader, and everybody would love to see us take a fall. Which we will, eventually. Look at the faded power of Spain and Portugal, of Italy (not to mention the Roman Empire,) of all the formerly powerful European colonizers. Who will rise in our place? My guess is India and China. The future is a war between China and and Indo-European culture. The I
  18. Pretty funny Do you suppose this shit works for dying old guys? ("Come on, Cameron---I could kick the bucket any minute.")
  19. It's all relative To say that France is no longer a major world power isn't accurate. They have a fairly effective armed forces, and they are a "nuclear power." In fact, they way things are going, every tin pot dictator in the world will soon have nuclear weapons. Not much to be done about it, either, unless we want to actually demonstrate that we are willing to use ours, and I don't think George W. is that stupid. I no longer fear getting attacked by our )formerly) formidable enemy, Russia. The Russians want what everybody wants---a decent life, an apartment, maybe a car, a dependab
  20. I like Mexican music too Especially the Mexican form of ranchero music known as norteno and conjunto. It is a blend of German polka (from the central Texas German and Czech traditions) and traditional mariachi-style stuff. It's a Mexican version of what we call Tejano. I love the Tejano singers here who sing both in Spanish and English, and I really love the Tejano-style accordian. All the old guys, like Freddy Fender, Gilberto Perez, and Ramon Ayaladid great stuff. I also like more folkie Tex-Mex/country/rock-and-roll singers like Tish Hinojosa. She can really sing romanticos li
  21. WISEGUY I've been kind of interested to discover whether hopping is common in other countries as well. In Peru, they used to let the poor people ride the decks (the tops of passenger cars) for a few cents paid in cash (no ticket) which, I suspect, went straight into the conductor's pocket. Hopping freights is very common in Mexico (it's a major method of illegal immigration into the U.S.) but since the 9/11 attack, the U.S. security on the southern borders has just gotten extremely tight. There was also an incident where two FBI agents investigating cargo thieves on the very edge of th
  22. I think our predjudices are hard-wired from our experiences There are some modern artists that I like, but they play music of a type I didn't like when I was a kid. For instance, country music was like the "music of the enemy" when I was in high school, say around 1966. SOUL MUSIC was the hot shit sound all during my junior high and high school years. I had a love/hate relationship with bands everybody dissed back then, like the Beach boys. The Beach Boys actually made some pretty decent rock and roll. I think "Pet Sounds" might have been their best musical effort, but I actually lik
  23. Each to their own You got your preferences, and I got mine. I bet Stevie Nicks would rather see her bank account filled with some of the proceeds of sucessful albums than not, but "whatever." It's not really appropriate to compare music artists of two different eras, somehow. Maybe Elvis Presley sucks as far as you are concerned, but if you compare him to Pat Boone---well, you get the idea. I'm no rock music expert. I can barely remember the fucking '60s, and I was there the whole time. I think.
  24. Masonite Unless you're Michaelangelo and you're painting a timeless masterpiece that you anticipate will hang in the Louvre or somewhere, I'd build a "canvas" out of the back side of a sheet of masonite board. Reinforce the smooth side just like you would a piece of canvas, with 1x2 pine, or if it's really uptown, use ash or some inexpensive hardwood. I used to put a 1x2 all aound the edges, then a stringer across the middle (all glued with rabbit skin glue and clamped seriously, then screwed after the clamps have given the glue a set). I'd fill the screw holes with something compatibl
  25. Mental Invalid The Chicks are pals with Stevie Nicks, and big fans, and they included "Landslide" in their album as a tribute. She wrote it, so it puts money in her pocket, too. Don't be dumb. Stevie kicked ass many years as one of the reigning queens of rock and roll, but nobody stays on top forever. Outside of the much-maligned "classic rock" stations, who ever plays Stevie Nicks' tunes? The Dixie Chicks are big supporters of Stevie Nicks' attempt to re-invent herself as a country/western/rock crossover singer. Since rock and country have sort of cross-bred over the years (the Chi
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