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  1. Fox Mulder---Like I said before, you certainly have a right to your opinions, I just disagree, that's all. I can't say that I've never taken anything that wasn't mine, because I have. I feel bad about it now, of course, but there's no way to compensate the person I stole from (like twenty years ago) because I don't know who the person is. What I can do, is decide for myself what is the right way to live for me, and be true to my feelings and beliefs. I suppose one could say that my beliefs about stealing are irrational. But I would never steal from a bro, and I'd never steal from a fellow
  2. I have noticed the same thing. When I was a kid, the buckets were gray-painted steel cans with a handle for carrying, but now they are mostly plastic 5-gallon paint buckets. I find small trees with several nails driven in them about five feet off the ground, too. The tramps swing hammocks if there are any trees. Sometimes you'll find two sets of nails, one above the other--I guess they are swinging two hammocks off the same two trees, one above the other. I find clean tin cans to use for cups, lots of wine bottles and beer cans and those silver mylar bags that go inside 5-liter boxes of wi
  3. Hobo jungles The morals issue aside, I wanted to ask if any of you folks have discovered any hobo jungles in your forays into and around rail yards. I have discovered several. A couple of them were obviously still in use, but I've also discovered a couple that have been abandoned or forgotten. They were all overgrown, but I found old bottles, blue plastic UP water bottles, a metal cooking grill buried under leaves, old campfire rings and so forth. Just for something to do, I cleaned a couple of them up and left firewood (what is called "squaw wood" down here--dry branches you can brea
  4. Absolutely, totally awesome. Send these guys DIRECTLY to a full-scholarship at Parsons.
  5. Fox Mulder---Good point. Obviously, putting up graff on somebody else's property is use of it without that person's permission, unless, of course, the owner grants permission, which I think would be pretty damn cool. But I've met people who said that if they were given permission that they wouldn't bother to write there. To those guys, the whole point was to be pissing off some property owner, especially a large corporation or a government facility. I don't agree. I think tagging on personal property like some guy's wooden fence or the side of his house is totally, completely lame. Writ
  6. KaBar

    Slack Action

    I hope that didn't sound TOO defensive. I didn't intend it to be a refutation, more just an explanation. I see art, real art, in the more ambitious and carefully crafted graff works. The awesome thing about serious graff writers is that to really appreciate the artist and his work, one must invest considerable time and effort to view even a small portion of the body of his (or her) work. There was a time when I said to myself "If we could only get these guys to paint on canvases! They'd be celebrated!" But I'm coming to understand that part of the art is the nature of it's creation. One
  7. Vanity---I debated with myself for a while about how to respond to your statement about theft. You certainly have a right to whatever opinions you hold, and if you genuinely believe that living by ripping off from people is okay, then anything I have to say ain't going to influence you very much. I've known quite a few thieves in my life. Mostly, they treated other people with a lack of respect because they lacked respect for themselves. I can't say that I never took anything that didn't belong to me. Just riding freight trains at all is considered by the law to be a form of theft ("Theft
  8. I'm not sure if this topic is cool here or not, but when I'm in the yards, I see tramps occasionally. I see graff artists occasionally. Usually, I don't see ANYBODY, not even yard workers. There is a big difference between Hobos and Tramps. There are really very few hobos left. Modern tramps consider hobos to be the old timers from the steam train days of the Great Depression. There are a few of them still alive. Steam Train Maury Graham in Napoleon, Ohio, is one of the best known hobos in America. (He rode back in the late 1940s and '50s. He's in his eighties now, but he still goes t
  9. KaBar

    Slack Action

    You know, the thing I like about the Internet is that people on it are just about totally anonymous. Do you ever think about that? Like, you go on a board or a chat about music, and maybe some guy from Aerosmith is on there shooting the shit about guitars, and I think "How cool is that?" Aerosmith online, talking to some kid in the 10th grade from Lufkin. Or, maybe it's just some guy PRETENDING to be a member of Aerosmith. It's a plague and a curse, as well as a tremendous advantage. If you go on a chat room for "Divorced and Available" probably 50% of the guys are a couple of 14-year-ol
  10. WebsterUno---I'm not dissing YOU, but it pisses me off when some sorry murderer like Sidetrack, or Charlie Manson, or some other POS like that gets a a lot of play, especially with young kids who don't really know. I met a couple guys in FTRA. Most of them are pretty much cool people, but there are always a few in any group whose shit is weak. The FTRA site has passwords, and I know them, but the site doesn't have a lot of stuff. There are some streaks and tags, and a couple of pics of an FTRA crew chillin with some beers. Guys like Sidetrack are a shame and an embarrassment to most of th
  11. KaBar

    Slack Action

    Everybody has heard about Slack Action, but not everybody understands exactly what it is. The railcars are built with couplers that automatically close when two cars are banged together in humping, when humped over a hump crest, or by "flat-switching" the cars in a small yard with no hump. When a switchman cuts out a car on the crest of the hump, he has to do it at just the right moment. The unit powers up in reverse (humping is done in reverse--the unit pulls the string over the hump, then starts backing up so the cars can be cut out, humped, retarded and switched into their new string) an
  12. I don't think anybody should admire or glorify this sick asshole. He murdered old guys while they were asleep, just to rip off their measly Disability checks and Food Stamps. He murdered a yuppie bo while he was asleep in a tent--killed him with a piece of pipe with concrete on the end. Even the FTRA only defend him as a member, I never met one yet that tried to defend his killing people to rip off their gear or their pitiful-ass welfare money. He said it himself, "I preyed on the weak." How sorry ass can a person get? He's up there in the joint now, denying that he is even a member of F
  13. KaBar

    Yard Safety

    I was reading about the DeadTrainBums.com site up the stack---the pw's are "dead" and "bums." A guy named Jaks is the owner, he's an old-time trainhopper who is real worried about all the FNG's starting to hop and getting pinched. He's concerned that if hopping gets real popular the railroads will catch shit from the government and they will ALL start turning up the heat on railriders and make new laws increasing the jail time and fines for hopping. I hop all the time--anybody interested in starting a thread on hopping and painting? I meet true tramps in the yards all the time. Some of th
  14. I'm in Houston, and everybody says there's more cops and bulls, but I haven't really seen that. I've caught out three times since Sept. 11, twice in one yard, and once from a park that the train tracks go thru, and I have yet to see any extra security. I see a lot of tags, and a lot of half cars, because Houston is a big ass port city, and we get railcars from all over the place thru here. Even though I haven't seen any increase in the number of cops and bulls, I'd still be careful. Union Pacific and BNSF are the two major railroads around here, and UP has a "zero tolerance" policy for tre
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