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  1. Terminator & Terminator II: Judgement Day The movie was okay, I thought some of the premise was pretty artsy fartsy. I enjoyed it back then, but the nuclear blast incinderating a kid's playground was a bit much. Hollywood always over-does everything. I thought the depiction of the survivalist movement was completely irresponsible. They show an extensive underground arsenal and not a single can of food. Assholes. In real life, it's exactly the opposite. The survivalist movement is a DEFENSIVE POSTURE, not an offensive one. That depiction is INTELLECTUALLY DISHONEST PROP
  2. Movement When I was a kid, I wanted to have a motorcycle in the worst way. I finally got a German motorcycle (a Miele) when I was 15, then later a Zundapp, and then a Honda. When I was 17, I realized that girls did not think riding motorcyles was cool. They wanted to go places in cars. I had learned to drive in my mother's Chevrolet Bel-Aire station wagon (oh, how I wish I had that car TODAY). I learned how to drive a stick when I bought a 1961 Volkswagen Kombi microbus. It had doors on both sides, which was very cool, but made the microbus body kind of weak. I also rode a bicy
  3. I try to stay off Cracked's threads, but I read 'em all. Much respect.
  4. Crackatinnie I don't think most people would choose hopping freight trains as a primary means of transportation under normal circumstances. During the so-called "Golden Years" of trainhopping (the 1930's and the Great Depression Years, here in the States) there were very few alternatives. If you wanted to go from one place to another and had no money, you could walk, or your could hop a train. Even a bicycle was often beyond the means of the tramps of that period. If they had one, they'd probably try to sell it for food money. (This is why so few tramps are armed with firearms--they a
  5. KaBar


    Gangsters are all about being bad ass until they get busted. When they hear that cell door rack shut KLANG! they ain't so fucking bad then. I have a relative who works as a Corrections officer. The meanest bad ass in the joint cries like a little pussy when his parole gets turned down. You guys have a hard time sitting through an entire day of fucking school. Imagine doing fifteen years for narcotics trafficking. Or life for murder. DO NOT BREAK THE LAWS OF THE STATE. 'Cause if you do, there is a price to be paid, and hear me when I say it---they will get every minute of the time
  6. Sivik I wrote you a long reply about this last night and fell asleep on my computer keyboard about 0200, LOL. To answer your questions briefly, the reason I'm no longer an active duty Marine is that I decided that being a professional soldier was not what I really wanted to do with my life. I thought long and hard about it. Several of my friends from the Corps became "career Marines", and two acquaintances were studying French and making plans to join the French Foreign Legion--they said the Marine Corps was too tame, they wanted to go to combat and they didn't want to wait twenty year
  7. Don't Get Me Started On all the changes that we've seen that piss me off. It makes me sound like some old fart, and I hate that shit. Getting old sucks, but it's better than the alternative.
  8. Wierd Shit Happens on Greyhound Especially to young people. I was on Greyhound once about 1972, when I was 22. I had just gotten off a freight train in Salt Lake City, laid up for a few days with a woman who was an IWW organizer and hung out at the One Big Union bar, and then started hitching to Texas (I thought it would be faster than hopping.) After a few days of getting ignored by tourists zooming by, I managed to flag down a bus. The driver quoted me a very reasonable price, and I dragged up the $35 or whatever it was, and bought a ticket to Houston. Back in the back of the bus w
  9. Iraqi, by crackey You guys kill me. Next it will be French fries that are un-American pandering to the Axis of Evil. Or maybe French kissing. Hell, yeah. Goddamned terroristic teenaged muppets French-kissing. Call Tom Ridge immediately.
  10. Good Analogy Why am I reading this thread, though? It's like seven months old. Nobody likes us and we don't give a shit. If this country would just learn to take care of it's own, I'd be happy. Well, happier, anyway.
  11. Mr. Rogers wasn't a sniper I think he served in the Navy. The Marine sniper with the most confirmed kills was Gy Sgt Carlos Hathcock, with 93 confirmed enemy kills. But he had many, many unconfirmed kills. He and his spotter once killed an entire North Vietnamese company that they caught crossing a rice paddy. When it started getting dark, and they were concerned that those North Vietnamese that were still alive might try to flank them, they called in artillery on the rice paddy and withdrew as the rounds came in. The North Vietnamese called him "White Feather," because he always wor
  12. Ain't "Pato" Spanish for "Duck?" Just wondering.
  13. I think it's "Sens" As in short for "sensamilla", a type of marijuana. (yawn) I'm so glad I'm past this.
  14. Mr. Rogers was not "cool" But he was a wonderful, gentle man, and definately knew the value of consistant, principled, moral behavior. The kids are going to see years of Mr. Rogers re-runs, they probably won't know he's gone. But we will. Bummer.
  15. All Very Good Questions And if I had the answers to many of them, I'd probably be a foreign policy genius instead of a nurse. I doubt that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is going to be resolved anytime soon. It has been going on all my life, and no doubt it will still be going on after I'm gone. The Palestinians were sort of used as pawns by the Arab nations around Israel. During the 1948 war, when the British pulled out of what was called the Palestine Mandate (it was like a British protectorate), there was an immediate civil war between the Jews and the other residents of the Mand
  16. Be careful of what you ask for If the current anti-war movement gains enough steam to prevent the U.S. from waging war on Iraq, through political means, and then Saddam does something like nerve-gas the shit out of Kuwait, boy won't you be sorry. I'm not convinced that war with Iraq is the best thing, but I'm also not convinced that Saddam doesn't need a 9mm between the headlights, either. I don't think the Iraqi people will resist. If we smoke Saddam and all the top generals, the Iraqi people would probably welcome us as liberators.
  17. Tex is in town too We went up to Longview and picked him up at the Highway 80 Rescue Mission and came back down to Houston. He and Stretch and Burlington are all jungled up, up there near my favorite yard. I'm tired, that was a pretty long drive. We camped in Rusk, and took a look at the Texas State Railroad yards and facilities. It would be fun holding a tramp gathering there.
  18. Huh I'm not a welder by trade anymore, but I did make my living that way on and off from 1973 or so, when I attended Todd Shipyards Welding School here in Houston, until 1995, when I graduated from nursing school. It is a trade that consistently pays a living wage, but you'll never get rich working for wages. Even a "good union job," which I never managed to land, even though I think I worked pretty hard at it, doesn't usually pay more than about $13 or $14 a hour, unless you are such a good welder you can pass the Nuclear Facilities x-ray welding tests. Those jobs paid up into the mid
  19. You're preaching to the choir on that one I spent years of my life protesting the Vietnam War. It was the major thing in my life from 1965 until well into the mid-70's. After all that effort, all those protests, all those leaflets and spray-paint runs, I came out of "the Movement" (the anti-war movement, of course) less convinced than when I went in. There was a quote from some military officer lookingg back on the Vietnam War that goes "We had to get out of Vietnam before it destroyed the U.S. Army." He didn't mean "destoyed" as in killed by the enemy, he meant "fractured political
  20. Damn Good Question But it's pretty much addictive, I can tell you that.
  21. Tee_Rase When we gonna go ride a freight train, guy? I'm going up to Longview tomorrow, but we're driving because the weather in Houston sucks, as usual. Honestly, we must have the worst weather in the United States when it comes to rain and drizzle.
  22. Well, I'm not too sure about the "listen to KaBar" part, but I can definately relate to the "don't spend so much time on your computer."
  23. Bummer What a tragedy. I've had a few concerns in the past about rock bands and indoor pyrotechnics, but up until now, I think they pretty much haven't had any major problems, have they? I seem to remember a stampede at a rock show a few years back, but I don't think it involved a fire. I don't much care for large crowds, and large crowds where there are fireworks and lots of agitation and excitement I like even less.
  24. Two Kinds of GS cookie lovers Clearly, the poll tells the story. There are two opposing camps within the intense Girl Scout Cookie Controversy--in the one camp, the Thin Mint lovers, in the other, the Samoa cookie lovers. I would love to see a breakdown by age, gender, political affiliations, etc. THIN MINTS RULE!
  25. Again, Fair Question The Iraqi people have become masters at phony enthusiasm. As long as the cameras are rolling, they protest loudly, but as soon as the CNN crew goes back into their hotel, they all go home. I do not believe that the Iraqi people are committed to a last-ditch defense. For one thing, Saddam cannot afford to arm the population. Unlike the U.S., where there are enough firearms in the population to arm every man, woman and child, the Iraqi people are DISARMED. If Saddam passes out rifles to the people, it won't be Cruise missles or American snipers he needs to worry ab
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