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  1. Stencils. Here's some cool ones I found... http://www.happyfeettravels.org/Stencils/ShyGirl/images/SFMissFuck.jpg'> http://www.happyfeettravels.org/Stencils/MissionValSt/images/SFValSurfer.jpg'> http://www.happyfeettravels.org/Stencils/HaightSt/images/SFLHaiTree.jpg'> http://www.happyfeettravels.org/Stencils/H.../SFLHaiMine.jpg'> http://www.happyfeettravels.org/Stencils/FinancialDist/images/SFFinSEO.jpg'> http://www.happyfeettravels.org/Stencils/JamesS/images/James01.jpg'>
  2. Fuxus


    Yeah, in Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" video there is a Chaka tag on the bass drum. In fact I think when I saw it on Pop Up video on MTV they had a fact about Chaka and how much damage he did. One of those random little things. If you don't know about Chaka and you are into graffit then you better be about 12 years old.
  3. Nice contributions. Let see some more.
  4. Fuxus


  5. http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/ayer-lts.jpg'> photo credit.. http://www.socalgraffiti.com
  6. Nice post. I have been wanting to see some flicks of this era. Loudhardfast, I think that most people outside of California would consider the IE to be part of LA. The same goes for Orange County.
  7. This is hurtin, every flick is dead. No show.. I want to see this shit.:mad:
  8. Dr. Frink, maybe you mean a few of them paint more legals that illegals, but whatever... They all burn you and they all do get their illegal ups, not that it matters because everybody down with that crew has paid their dues.
  9. More Buds! I haven't seen any fresh ones by this guy lately. I get up to their yard every couple months and it is always full of nice new pieces on the reefers. The whole DWK RMF crew is tight, Colt always has some nice stuff layed up in that yard too. The best part about it is that Kick has been painting trains regularly for near 10 years rfrom what I can tell.
  10. I just went down to SD and shot about 4 rolls. The buff beat me to half of the spots, so I was a little disappointed. I don't know SD very well so I didn't have much success finding stuff. I did find a few nice heavens though.:P
  11. All that old school LA stuff is hard to find on the net. I have a few Skate flicks and that is about as far back as my collection goes.:o Any LOD flicks would be appreciated, or K4P, STN, or K2Screws.. I have heard about these crews many times.
  12. Fuxus

    4dc dac kyt

    That production is great stuff. Veks and Oze have so many fresh styles. I'd like to see some of the stuff by Vent and Kids. I don't think I've ever seeen a Kids piece. I have seen some stuff by this wack toy that used to write Kids out in Ventura, CA though.
  13. http://www.guerillaone.com/feature_artists_10_23/06.jpg'> http://www.guerillaone.com/feature_artists_10_23/12.jpg'> Forget the gossip, respect is due. There's a lot more pictures out there, these are from guerillaone.com
  14. Yep, Kub and his PCK homies have some ill spots. He hit the other side of the Mulholland bridge too. I have a flick of it but it came out kinda shitty through the windshield at 75 mph. Bump for levitation.
  15. I have no opinion on all of the hating going on in here, but Hindu and Tape are both putting in loads of work from Cali to Washington. I'd think about that before I started hating on people to hard. As for SJ, I haven't been up that way for years but I used to live in the 408/831 and I think of Puzl, King, Smog, Pasche, TMC, Kose, Tits crew, TGB, RTM, Moby, Browz, Jabs, Excel, and a few others. I used to go skate at Greer park in Palo Alto, there was a lot of nice stuff there. Is that place legal to paint? There were nice Phil Shao and Tim Brauch pieces there for a while and some Katch characters too.
  16. Secret said it, and I was thinking it. Did he get locked up for writing? 10 months is pretty harsh. Is it his first offense?
  17. Fuxus


    Where's Loser? I know he had some good stuff up when I was living there. Nice post.
  18. ^^^ This looks like a viual gag response to the typical production. I'm feeling the scattered ugliness of it and all of the random references. Certainly there is an inside story which is more than many productions have. It's strange and perplexing I'll give you that. Those are some of the sloppiest lines I have seen, nastier than Lil' Toker X3.;)
  19. Hey, speaking of new skate companies, check out my friends company. Inlandskateboards.com Smart is not entirely correct about only 6 companies making blank boards. There are several small time operations like the one that my friends own. It is true however that all of the wood is pretty much all of the same stuff. The real differences between boards comes into play in the lamination and pressing of the boards. Finishing techniques make a small difference as well, but mostly cosmetic. As for the quality of these huge skate companies, it is much like anything that is produced on a large scale. Quality control goes down as production rises, especially when there may be over 5 different factories producing boards for the same distributor. This is why so many companies are really inconsistent. Sometimes a Blacklabel is tough and lots of pop and the next one chips and delams. There are a ton of factors that come into play.
  20. Oh wait I got it! To make everyone happy we could have Beardo tag Smart's ass with the word Inland, and we could print that on a deck. Oh and there could be some stick people crawling out of Smart's ass with little clubs smacking other little stick dudes upside the head. Okay final bump. ***In case you missed it*** We are looking for a readable graffiti styled piece, bomb, or handstyle that says Inland or Inland Skateboards. if you are interested check the site at www.inlandskateboards.com or e-mail us at inlandskateboard@yahoo.com
  21. Right when I get down and depressed about some inane bullshit some wierd coincidental shit brightens my day. I saw a Off the Hook black and white straight letter roll by on a holy roller the other day when I was on my way to skate the Fontana park. It was an endless line of autoracks, it was soooooooooo long. Anyways, free decks for free art. You do the math, and figure out what cost more to make... the deck or the art? No graphics have been produced as of yet, except my own efforts. I have some nice stylish stuff but I would like to hook a fellow writer/skateboarder up witht the chance because I know ther a lot of people on here that can burn me with a pen. OH yeah! Smart your as is pretty sweet, but it did not meeet my partners level of satisfaction. :(
  22. This is a serious offer. Inland Skateboards is brand new and cannot afford to pay anyone, except with product. If anyone cares to submit any designs then they might end up with some screen printed decks with their artwork on them. I am only going to bump this up a few more times and then I'll drop it. Thanks.
  23. Hello. This message is being posted for some friends. They have a new skateboard company called Inland Skateboards. They are interested in trading boards for artwork to print on the board. The type of artwork described to me was a "graffiti" "bomb" type of writing of the word INLAND or INLAND SKATEBOARDS. If anybody out there skates or is interested in getting a few free decks then give it a shot and send them a sketch at inlandskateboard@yahoo.com Check out their website, www.inlandskateboards.com The boards are really great, I have been riding them for over a year straight. The guys who make them are super nice, and they thought would extend the offer to anyone interested. The artist whose work is chosen will recieve boards with their own artwork printed on them.
  24. Fuxus


    Hell yeah that action shot is hot! Shit like that is what I like most about this forum. Tie is awesome, and unfortunately was taken from this world earlier than we could have hoped. To judge someone on their physical appearance is silly. I see that photo and I see someone who was out doing exactly what they wanted to do and not giving a fuck about what others thought about it. I appreciate seeing that more than anything else, true spirit shining through. It's sad that he is gone, like many others. I hope that there is a better place.
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