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  1. ummmmmmmm no words can express how dope that piece is.. speechless.... does anyone have a sketches by him...
  2. b........ you are the weakest link!
  3. thats mother fucken amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!!!!!!!!!! props!
  4. these are style crews shirts as in.... rebels crew?
  5. rip nace....... does anyone else see the iorny in it...... i mean like these kids dont want to do graff..... then it says nace... like the writer... is bringing them to get other kind of thigns to occupy themselves or whatever..... i mean if u didnt no about the National Association of Catering Executives, then you would find that quite strange..... i did.. rip nace
  6. is themo and acet the only jerzee writers with blackbook sketches on here....... more jerzee!!!!!!!!!!! anyway nice shit themo and acet
  7. that unfinished shit blows me away! rip
  8. themo and acet........ im liken them..... im from jerzee and its nice to see some jerzee writers sketches
  9. stank

    ponder this..

    tru, but people look at money as paper, and all it is really worth, is nothing. the only reason its worth anything is because there is a 5, a 20, a 100, dollar sighn on it. people dont care about u writing 13 + 97 = 110......... but if u look at sumones building, its like there property, makes the actual culture of the surrounding less "beautiful"....... but anyway..... money is just passed on and on.... no one cares about it..... people care about buildings..... i understand where u are coming form, and i dont think anyone should get arrested for writing on money....... people highlight that shit all the time to see if its real or not...... that defacing money.... no one cares..... it basically comes down to the fact that society and government care more about petty things then actual crimes like rape and child abuse and shit....
  10. ok if anyone can translate this into spanish...... i would be so so so so so sooooooooo greatful.... my last period class is very difficult. my teacher is beautiful, funny, smart, and a natural blonde. the class is spanish and she is very good at it. my teacher is short, skinny, and nice. her birthday is february 26th, and she is very young. she gives me good grades and she knows i am the best student. i am better then mina, and will continue to excel in the class. for class i need a spanish book, a pencil, paper, a pen, and binder. the class is in the west hall. i have a small class, and many of the kids are smart asses. omari is funny in class. jeff is lazy and so is tim. mina is very good at spanish. the class starts at 1:30 and ends at 2:12. spanish is my favorite class, because i have the best teacher in the world. she helps me alot whenever i need help. senora millan is her name, and she is very pacient. she is not 43 and im sorry for saying she was. she likes to wear a diffrent animal every week, and has never wore the same outfit twice!..... i love spanish, and will continue to take it because of her. thank you senora millan................ if anyone can translate that into spanish, i would be soooooooo greatful. i am in spanish 1 and retarted....... thanks.
  11. stank

    new website

    great example of what new jersey has to offer
  12. mug shots, is that your site?...... niiiice site!
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