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  1. havent seen ash pieces in a long time. painted with that guy once... maybe in 2000? impresive how time passes. peace to asher.
  2. puc (funk) 25 rowdy club germany with zet 3 switzerland... nice catch. zine's style in that piece is hard to beat. super tough! peace out you freight nerds!
  3. TDV alone im gonna steal that name soon sonny.
  4. justice??? system what the fuck?!!
  5. Lee, Honest and Insightful. A, no pressure, easy to connect with human being that made the world a better place. You will be missed in all the smallest corners and wide open spaces. Respect to Nugget and the rest of his family in this tragic time. Samo
  6. socks

    utah writers

    some fool writes erupt?!!! ha ha ha what a joke you forgot about the origonal... A motherfuckin HIGHLANDER of the freight game! there can be only one! erupt: 'Rupto Erupto Eruptoe...A2M,SWS,GTB,D30, Vamps and on and on...i mean really this guys got friends everywhere so your shits getting gone over... if you got letters get a new name.
  7. Wild Country Boys & Drac The Vamp myth mink heat moth
  8. Artistik, you out do yourself... there is nothing typical about your posting style. such quality. makes me want to work even harder. thanks. samo vts
  9. hesk, mentos, pubes!!! its nice to see a train with a few memories tied to it.
  10. Sien 5 and Vism... thanks for painting.
  11. the best part about your photos artistic is that you get the whole car in the photo. i like to take pictures this way and its nice to see someone else doit to. even if i see a done panel on one side and a blank panel on the other side i still like to see the whole carriage in the photo. peace, s.
  12. terrorist mag always had representation of work. respect.
  13. SO, im scrolling thru some pages and then BAM! i see this banger of a Vocab in green and then BAM! another.... and then! BOOOYAKA, lick shots at player, and i see my own team like ive never seen them before... gettin wild with it! askew sens mentos hesk! ahhh! good work all! so...what a great day at the office this turned out to be. thank god for the iner net, eh? vt sucka free!
  14. peace 2 hot boys and gurls everywhere. get busy~ make babies
  15. socks

    The Babble

    http://edition.cnn.com/2004/US/09/09/shoot...g.ap/index.html is this babbleable? think about it.
  16. socks

    The Babble

    http://www.misakikawai.com/s10.jpg'> http://www.misakikawai.com/s04.jpg'> http://www.misakikawai.com/ a friend showed me this stuff... im totes into the sculptures. some drawings stuff is like cliche or whatevs who cares really.... looks good. peep it
  17. it says canada beside them so... i know another canadian that did em too.... whats the last one say?
  18. That old HESK looks muted these days, still an amazing freight thou.... its cool to see how the colours fade over time.
  19. socks

    The Babble

    http://home.ccci.org/ardle/Andrew's%204th%20birthday%20cake.jpg'> http://www.takoyaki.org/kids/blog_images/20030629_cake.jpg'> http://www.ics.forth.gr/~gaga/family/anarjeros/photos/second/birthday/cake.jpg'> http://www.cakesandpastries.us/kids_cake2.JPG'> http://www.tomski.com/archive/rosa_4th_cake.jpg'> talk about a fuckin wild party.... i love looking at happy families having the goodtimes. Rev.A.Green: get at me when you're here for the good times. There may be cake involved. s. vts
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