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  1. scooters are fun. I have an Italjet. damn near 100mpg and swift. though, I'd much rather have a steel bodied classic. a clean P200 would be nice.
  2. eating spaghetti and drinking milk. Snickers and green bath water.
  3. TRAMP


  4. those are real bouncy balls. They have a few videos highlighting the process.
  5. I like the Jose Gonzales version of that song. Though, I think it's because i really like the sony commercial where i first heard it. The one with the balls Bouncing down the street in San Francisco. Have you seen that shit? it's fucking dope like whoa. well worth the wait. http://www.bravia-advert.com/
  6. TRAMP

    Cologne / Perfume

    I've been wearing this almost daily.^ Himalaya My House Of Creed Joints always pull compliments. Green Irish Tweed Bois de Portugal Wonk SFLIM :king:
  7. TRAMP


    Not sure how it's properly spelled.... gleek? gleak? Ever since like 2nd grade I'd randomly and accidentally spray a long stream of saliva from under my tounge while yawning. Thing is, I could never do it on command like a lot of the homies. Shit was funny as fuck to see people all confused as to why they kept getting wet. Can anybody here do that shit?
  8. TRAMP

    Do I shave?

    shave Beardo. dude needs some company.
  9. Mike Leighs' NAKED. One of the essential films of the 1990s, Mike Leigh’s brilliant and controversial Naked stars David Thewlis as Johnny, a charming, eloquent, and relentlessly vicious drifter in London. Rejecting all those who would care for him, the volcanic Johnny hurls himself into a nocturnal odyssey through the city, colliding with a succession of the desperate and the dispossessed and scorching everyone in his path. With a virtuoso script and raw performances by Thewlis and costars Katrin Cartlidge and Lesley Sharp, Leigh’s panorama of England’s crumbling underbelly is a showcase of black comedy and doomsday prophecy, and was the winner of the best director and actor prizes at the 1993 Cannes Film Festival.
  10. That's a lot to see in 5 months. you'll always be rushed to get somewhere before you find the gems methinks. in Budapest, stay at The Backpack Guesthouse on the Buda side. then thank me later. there's a wine tasting where you pay like 15 bucks and get let loose in a wine cellar to sample hungarian wines. find that, and bring a backpack full of empty water jugs and some foreign ho's looking for some dazzle. In Aug. the sziget festival is a week long 'woodstock' on an island that treated me super well plus, it allowed me to campout for a week and spend hardly anything at all. i found situations like these much appreciated as my bank roll fizzed out from cities like London. finding a freebed is a good score.
  11. A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. ehhh. nothing great, the begining was better than the end. quick read for sure.
  12. seeks, I'm sure the tape you're refering to is 'Demolition Pumpkin Squeeze Musik'. this is the one with the big toof character wearing the crown on the cover.
  13. "too hard for the fuckin' radio"
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