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  1. oh yeah you're all sheep, go follow what one person says don't think for yourself and don't act on your own masses just think with the masses
  2. hey you fucking BITCHES, none of you will f-uc-king believe me because you're all high school dropout idiot af-ams that are stupid as shit, f you all you idiots, tacobellbomber is an idiot and his sh it is wack WP
  3. Thanks for the warm comments, guys, I appreciate them. Well, I colored it in, so here it is: http://home.dal.net/mofacky/2.jpg'> Yeah, yeah, it looks like shit, but I don't care...
  4. On a scale of 1-10...What do you think? I still need to fix the lines/drawing up a little bit, and rescan and clean it up more, + color it...but how does it look? What can I change, should I add shadows, any comments? I need to know because it's for a contest. Thanks a lot... http://omniflare.devfx.org/holdme/kces.jpg'>
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