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  1. There's been several BB threads over the years.
  2. There isn't a single band on earth today that can come close to touching these dudes when they were in their prime.
  3. Granted, but now you have a bunch of shitty piercings. Welcome to a whole new level of gay. I wish I wasn't so bored today.
  4. Yeah man, it's just fucking annoying when it's non stop.
  5. I just think it gets overdone allot in here lately. People go stupid far and add in all the fucking post derailings by over zealous douchebags who just want to argue, plus the people who egg them on, pus the mass of extra nonstop random image postings, PLUS the usual amount of noob bullshit, sometimes it gets a bit much. I think allot of people are looking for a break for a bit from the overly sarcastic, excessively derogatory shit. It'll always have a place here, but I just think people need a break. Just do a little less of it.
  6. I fucking love winter. In fact, I love seasons. That's why I love New England so much. This living in the South bullshit is annoying. One long bullshit hot, humid season that feels like a sweaty crotch when you go outside, and about 3 months of tolerable weather.
  7. "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn"
  8. While I have no idea who is and isn't a DAO dick rider, Kimjung has a point. The ignore button doesn't really work as well as just ignoring his and the other few people like him completely. Don't use the "roll eyes" smiley, don't answer back, don't tr to defend your opinion to him. Just move on. I recently was guilty of getting into some who-ha with dude in some thread about some nonsense. Was he wrong? Of course. Dude is a hunk of cement with a mouth, he's rarely right about anything. But it did derail the thread for two fucking days. If more of us just didn't pay attention t
  9. Some of you guys are acting like we're saying that we only want like Harvard level Thesis threads and intellectual waxing about the meaning of the universe, and shit. Just because we want less bullshit doesn't mean we want NO bullshit. 12oz has ALWAYS had pointless, hilarious nonsense threads, ridiculous random imagery, spats and fights, shit talk and all that. It's always been entertaining. Those of you who remember can attest to just how long we put up with Tease. What were saying is if there's a thread that's not your taste, fine, just go find another one. Why does every th
  10. Absolutely RIP. Losing pets is the fucking worst. I sympathize 100 percent.
  11. I inherited a ton of Beach Boys and early rock albums from a friend and one of my Uncles when I was a little kid, but the first thing I bought with my own money was this. I stood in line to get it the day it was released.
  12. I might have to go digging for some flicks to post.
  13. Watched it all week. Damned good.
  14. This is my favorite piece of graffiti ever painted.
  15. This thread is ignoring the real subject at hand, which is DUNE is awesome. The spice must flow.
  16. Eh. Sometimes it works, sometimes you're just shaking a tree with no apples. Sometimes you can catch them on a vag-cation, and sometimes you catch them in the middle of penis hating fury.
  17. This tour is win. This music is win. Haters are gaylordicus maximus.
  18. Left for Dead 2 comes out on Nov 17th. Zombie killing game. Get it. It's going to be epic.
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