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  1. I'll be working the SFO convention this year. If anyone would like to get tattooed please email me at RHWellstattoo@gmail.com
  2. A word about when you ask for the "what ever you want" type shit. It's actually a complete pain in the ass, unless you have at least a small amount of direction. I can only speak for myself, but when people give me free reign, they are almost never up for what I come up with. It's much easier if you say something vague to jump off with. "Hey I like your skulls....do one of those." Or "hey I like these four designs that I've seen of yours, I'd like something in this vein". Some direction. You come to me and tell me you are going to let do do whatever I want, be prepared for clown ghosts.
  3. I have a picture of the guy in the middle during his younger days when most of those tattoos were fresh. I'll post it next week after I get beck from Montreal.
  4. Bunch of updates on my blog. Thanks for looking. http://laughinghyena.wordpress.com/
  5. Bunch of new blog updates. Hope you dudes enjoy. http://laughinghyena.wordpress.com/
  6. I like the illustrations themselves, and I'm glad those dudes got some shine, but they do look kind of out of place.
  7. http://www.museumoftalkingboards.com/ancient.html
  8. Re: ************where is the tattoo thread? Also, tattoos are awesome, and so was EPMD.
  9. Re: ************where is the tattoo thread? Nothing is "over" if it's done well enough, and I hate on Tupac very, very well. Fuck that dead pile of turds. Dude sucked since word one, he wasn't a hero, wasn't a poet, and wasn't great. Catch up.
  10. Re: ************where is the tattoo thread? I hate that Tupac even ever existed.
  11. Re: ************where is the tattoo thread? Yeah, I'm kind of a fan of the eur-asian stuff.
  12. Re: ************where is the tattoo thread? That last one is rad. I co-sign everything Seeks said. With the exception that I love Grimes tattoos and would wear one. But yes, the thing that is the best about him is the absolute work ethic and his lack of giving a shit about the current currents of the tattoo river. ALso, this place is getting harder and harder to visit everyday.12oz used to be one of my favorite things, if nothing else, because of the amount of friends I had here actively participating, and the amount of inside jokes and stories it created. Half of those friends
  13. Re: ************where is the tattoo thread? Grime episode = Fucking Awesome.
  14. Re: ************where is the tattoo thread? Mando is the man.
  15. Re: ************where is the tattoo thread? Colella rules.
  16. Re: ************where is the tattoo thread? I owe that dude a painting. Fuck. From like 3 years ago.
  17. Re: ************where is the tattoo thread? Don't get lazy guys. Photo credits on all pics.
  18. Re: ************where is the tattoo thread? I don't believe he "tries too hard" at all. He just does his thing. It fits right in with everything else he does.
  19. Re: ************where is the tattoo thread? FUCKING GAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!
  20. Was it sad? Sure. More for some than others. Tragedy? NO. Was it a surprise to anyone? Doubt it. Being a bit of a critic, or seeing things with a clear head doesn't make one a hater. you shitheads really need to give up calling anyone with a dissenting opinion a hater. Fuck fame.
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