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  1. that guys fucking arm was insane...
  2. somebody post some damn pictures of whoever you're talking about...that way, well you know...
  3. did you forget all the shit talked about 12oz on that board? but now your message board is gone so you are forced to complain here...is it any wonder Police Cheif Wiggum got banned? and i highly doubt anyone used the phrase "my wack-ass piece" when referring to why their shit was not put up on the site...dont get me wrong i liked the site, but you have to wonder...
  4. type R


    i know, but i can think of almost a million things i would rather spend that amount of money on that would get 400 hp to the wheels instead of a turbosupercharger hybrid, but if you have the money and thats what you want then go for it.. and as for nitrous you're right it definetly has it's advantages, especially with a dry system on a turbo-charged car, since you can spray it right into the intercooler to aid in engine cooling...but you have to keep in mind those supras and this kids civic are a little different, not to rag on his car, but just saying.
  5. fdsa too much drama for kids that still ride the bus.
  6. type R


    a supercharger and a twin turbo? i hope you are talking about two different cars there buddy. and nitrous?? your car would jump right off it's axels. who funds all of this? on another note, that red corrado is dope, as well as the last silver MK4. i wont be able to get to waterfest, but i'll be at H20 in ocean city later in the year.
  7. what the hell is stuck on the neck of that dazem character?
  8. ummm...you sure about that buddy?
  9. asdf ker...and that task too, damn not bad.
  10. hjfd it looks like he said they stamped him.
  11. dammit. nothing, dont worry about it..last thing we need is more internet bullshit.
  12. well lets see some of your stuff then...
  13. not all individuals that are anit-graffiti are "shook ass old white people".
  14. type R


    doubt it... yeah, i think a whopping 2 of those are legal...way to go matlock... on another note, dope post.
  15. i got mine at the bucket brigade show in baltimore..i have seen it at a few shows, but since it doesn't have a bar code i dont think it can be sold in stores...ask "b/d" on this board about it, he would probably know more since it was his show.... beautiful decay site....
  16. videos... terror in the burbs...most def.
  17. type R


    has anyone heard anything new about this writers present condition? i am sure you all know/remember what happened to him, and i was just wondering how or what he is able to do now...
  18. uhhhhhhhhhh i hope thats not the spek from boston that painted with arsen...is it????????
  19. http://www.lay-lo.com/eastcoast/images/083101_dc_unknown_03.jpg'> nearly forgot about those ryval characters, too bad their gone now
  20. daver like whoa!!!...i'll try to get some flicks up of the legal wall they just did...
  21. what about that sime dotcom on the dumpster.....
  22. yeah that first one is KER and ERO...that shit is old, nice to see it again though
  23. vandel!!!!! where the hell has he been... The Emoh Theory
  24. type R

    DOT CoM!

    well one of the first memebers of dot com got pinched, and apprently something happened to ewok, so the last i heard it was never really gonna be back
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