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  1. try using an MRP like myoplex for a replacement meal 1 or 2 times a day, it saves alot of time. also with your weight i would say eat at least 4000 cals a day, and you might want to look into some supplements such as glutamine, whey protein, and possibly a weight gainer such as Nlarge-2. Also a multi-vitamin and Vit-C will help speed the process of protein through your system, and will help you get a little bit bigger...not much, but every little bit helps.
  2. sick..what are you using on these?
  3. why are all of your replies so fucking big...its like you are typing for helen keller.
  4. asodfljh. i wish i knew where those guys catch all those tropicanas...i have to say i am a little jealous.
  5. Re: Re: Don't blame me for going over your lame posts yup, and probably a drunk one.
  6. ultimate warrior undertaker before he became a hells angel wannabe. in actuality this thread should be full of pictures of stacy keebler and not all this jibber-jabber. http://www.wwedivas.com/stacy/studio_02/images/pic5.jpg'>
  7. alhsdfo. edward norton bill murray
  8. definetly, i can always get down with some slutty photoshoots.
  9. type R

    is it working

    amer sucks... http://robbiej.topcities.com/photos/uglyshakeit.jpg'>
  10. merry friggin christmas http://robbiej.topcities.com/photos/ugly52.jpg'> http://robbiej.topcities.com/photos/uglyvegas.jpg'> http://robbiej.topcities.com/photos/ugly20.jpg'> the homeless people still sleeping under that piece?
  11. what the fuck http://robbiej.topcities.com/photos/uglynegro.jpg'>
  12. i'm sure this super sniper badguy didnt get all of his shit legally anyway...
  13. Re: the dark side speaks... its a little different when its happening right down the street from you, not just on t.v.
  14. or rather they thought they heard a gunshot, no one is sure.
  15. that was by my house, from what i hear they only suspect a gunshot, no one was actually shot as far as i know.
  16. nice. agua and ono, and that blurry ass flick of scar.
  17. haha my thoughts exactly..that soer is ill too, along with the jerk/che.
  18. it was a white delivery truck, and there was another one this morning at a middle school in Bowie, MD.. the victim was a 13 yr old that last i heard was in critical condition.
  19. dc 101 i heard about that on the way to school today, what the hell.
  20. i couldnt make it down because of a funeral, a bunch of my friends went down with dub-life, i think they stayed around 130 street...they said it was sick.
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