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    creatine is fine. some people's bodies respond to it, some dont. assuming that you do, then it is fine to take. 6-8 weeks on, then about the same amount of time off before you use it again. you will experience some bloating while taking it because off all the water you have to consume,and after you stop taking it you will lose some of the water weight. if anything it will just make you stronger. stay away from Andro, it is complete crap. if you wanted something powerful, but legal, i would go with Pro Hormones. by the way there are no harmful sides from creatine. effyoo, i know a good deal about steroids, what are you trying to get from them? you might want to look into PH's too, as some are nearly as powerful but still legal.
  2. you've crossed over to the dark side.
  3. micheal moore can go fuck himself. in my opinion.
  4. last time i was there i didnt see it, maybe i am just dumb. that Violent is fucking sick.
  5. Re: Re: Re: blah blah blah i wish they would just beef with each other and take each other out... as soon as i get around to it i will try to get some flicks scanned, or maybe blame will scan and post them for me if i give him doubles.:idea: bonk is my hero.
  6. Re: blah blah blah why waste time on some "originality" when jealous toys try to dis everything that gets painted. you are complaining to the wrong people bro. Why cant Bonk love me the way that i love him?:confused:
  7. This one happened to a friend of mine that i was staying with during spring break last week. Now mind you this kids name is Bad Sandwich, and the event that took place is nothing compared to what this guy is capable of doing. Anyway, after excessive drinking, he proceeds to pass out on the bed, while continuously trying to get up by bracing himself against the side of this girls face who was passed out next to him. Once he gives up on this he is out for good, until the point comes where he has to piss. After running face first into the wall for about 10 minutes trying to get out the sliding glass door in the hotel, he wonders out to the balcony and proceeds to unzip his pants to take a piss. This is also in the early morning. In his drunken stupor he is unable to take his penis fully out of his pants, and proceeds to piss down the side of his leg and foot, until it gets to be to much and drips off over the ledge and onto somones baggage that they had unloaded on the sidewalk below. He stumbles back inside where he proceeds to pass out on the toilet, and emerges half an hour later wearing nothing but his boxers and trying to get out the front door,but again walking straight into the wall, here he finally gives up and passes out sitting up, until somone pushed him over. Those piss pants stayed outside on the balcony the whole time, and we made him sleep on the floor because he didnt shower for like 3 days after that.
  8. that envy, cuez and sime wall is insane. i will post some flicks as soon as i get them scanned. baltimore burners needs a guestbook. Me and Bonk 4-ever.
  9. you must mean Ride...and that aron is dope.
  10. since this thread is revived and everything, why not post more flicks. old, new, i dont care
  11. type R


    bran sucks dude.
  12. what in the hell is "ridlin"
  13. show us these helicopters.
  14. go jerk off or something, get rid of all that built up frustration.
  15. Turk 182. It just goes to show you that chicks dig graffiti writers, especially if they do the guy in the movie and then grow up to be on Sex In The City.
  16. vandel and stab. Has anyone seen that Meca and Dyer trailer that got dissed by that wack Bonk and Caspa?
  17. thanks, but i meant the very first flick at the top of the thread.
  18. that freight bridge is nice...and who is that first one?
  19. somebody revive this shit!!! you guys with your fancy digital cameras and shit...come on. NOW
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