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  1. Messenger bags and bikes? You know NewDeal7's ears perked up with that one. Hipster.


    And paint whatever you have fun painting. Who gives a fuck about whether its in the hood or not. If you're painting to impress people on a message board then you're doing it for the wrong reason.

  2. ELI NSF?

    Word angry I been seeing somethings...looks good for real...

    no disrespect but FUCK that bitch EMOH RIP or not...


    say hi to YES2 for me



    or just look at the last piece you painted and say hi to his letter style.

  3. Yeah,I remember the girl that told me where you work.The same girl that gave me head while you were dating her.How'd my dick taste fag.



    HA! I never dated that girl. Half the people on this board could attest to that.


    The only people who would know how your dick tastes is your mother and Kaos.

  4. HAHA I thought you were drug free ? Based on how twisted you have the situation you must have been smoking greens.

    You really are in some kind of fantasy world.We both know you would run if we ran into each other again.


    Whatever helps you sleep at night.


    Aside from Kaos' dick up your ass.


    Remember the girl who told you where i work? I have more than one person that can verify you trying to be cool with me.


    You keep calling me skinny...from what I hear you are a skinny wigger with a beer gut. Congrats on that. But you can hold it down OG style. I know.

  5. You never dissed me you skinny bitch.I came into your work to try and get you to come outside so I could serve your punk ass what you have coming to you.You were shook up like a lil bitch.


    HAHA.. Actually, all 5'8" of you came in because someone told you where I work, and you were like "yeah we were dissing each other for a while it was pissing me off, but its all good I dont fuck with that dude TWO anymore and your shit is nice". YOU came to me to squash the beef.


    You even gave me your number you fucking idiot, talking about how you wanted to start bombing again and wanted me to come with you.


    PM if you want to continue this. faggot.

  6. On the contrary, I proved that it wasn't me.


    And why all the shit talking? I wasn't talking to you, and the last time I saw you years ago you came into my work all on my nuts when I was dissing you at Tower, because that was the only place you were painting. Then you faded into obscurity for a few years and came back thinking you were king. Chump.

  7. its a hollow throw amongst tons of burners, thats why I joked...JOCE is a real graffiti writer, unlike you and he gets much respect...


    I was making the joke on you, retard.


    And there were a few Kaos pieces in there, so in no way whatsoever was that collection a "ton of burners". Your shitty FX bites negated that immediately.


    (If your G.E.D. having ass can't understand what I was saying, I'll dumb it down for you)


    I love how one day you come across like " well baltimore writers have always had a mutual respect and regarded one another as equals", like you bought a word of the day calendar and are trying to use words you probably can't even pronounce....then the next day it's "yo this niggaz (with a Z) cant touch this shit son fake ass nig niggaz"


    You are a joke.

  8. White boys saying nigga. Gotta love it.


    You're mad, and I understand why. You've been writing for 14 years and no one gives a shit about you. You're in your thirties and are still worthless, so you figured you would start as much drama as fast as possible, so that people would start talking about you. They would be talking shit of course, but at least they'd be talking about you. But hey, after a decade and a half of being an unheard of, no name joke, I guess any recognition is good recognition.

  9. SOAKER- keep talking shit dude. I dont care. You're washed up and bitter about it. Any influence I take, I take from SCAR. Whom I am crew with. LAWS crew is dope but my shit was never just a bunch of cut up lines. Think what you want though.


    SOUTH WEST- I know you're friends with alot of my friends, but stay out of it. I dont come on here knocking your shit, even though I dont like it either.

  10. nigga you aint even a pussy your the leaves in the summers eve cleaning the pussy...and emoh you didnt beef with bonk he just capped all your shit...fronting like your hard...biting laws crew get the fuck out of here...you two are one in the same some bitch ass back stabbers that talk mad shit and never had a rep in BMORE...talking shit behind screen names until you are caught and then front like you have some status...


    Ha. You printed out pictures of FX pieces and brought them to the wall with you, just to copy their shit. Remember that? Because I do, I was there. Didnt you get run out of both Baltimore and DC?


    I'm done trying to be cool with you. I'm not going to worry about your opinion, you dont even live here.

  11. fuck you EMOH and the shit talking was directed at me mainly and I never had beef with your bitch ass friend whomever it is, but why dont you just tell everyone who it is...sorry forgot your a bunch of bitches...guess Im gonna have to rack up on some more chrome black and white for when i come in town...just more heads to add to the shit list...good times


    So I should have been beefing with you when I had beef with your boy Bonk? Ok, beef with me then.

  12. (#487)

    pullin cards




    Posts: 48

    Join Date: May 2007

    Status: Offline

    Re: baltimore - Today, 12:51 AM




    So NSF is just going for the biggest crew award? Alot of those pieces are really bad




    Damn at least some kids on here they let you know Who they are when they talk shit.....Now this is either Emoh or someone in his crib using his computer....either way.......Fuck you for being ball-less and hiding behind a screen name........Arek Ba NSF PA DST...........




    Ok. Now that the shit has hit the fan I am going to address this.


    I AM NOT "pullin cards". I do however, know who it is. I won't front, I am friends with him and I even let him post on my computer from time to time, however never under my name. I have had this name for 6 years and have had plenty of beef, I don't need a fake name to talk my shit.


    Before now, his shit talking was aimed and SPC and people that he had beef with in the past, so I left it alone. I don't approve of anonymous shit talking but it was none of my business.


    Now as far as the NSF comment, I have no clue as to why he did it. I told him I would keep his identity a secret but I will not have my name dragged through the mud because of shit that he talked.


    For those who are pissed off, I'm not going to blow his shit up on this board, but you can PM me and I will give you his email or something. Then you can handle it with him. LEAVE ME OUT OF IT.


    So Arek, I can understand why you were pissed, but get the whole story before you call me out and say "either way fuck you". Lets not have that happen again. I'm friends with plenty of NSF people, so to be automatically accused pisses me off. You and or SEK can take it up with him, and leave me out of it. When I had beef with people you knew I never came at you with it, so give me the same respect.

  13. bump this joint. and robots and kaster.


    For real. I hate to bump my own wall, but with decent stuff getting lost among the bullshit on here there's no other choice.


    Bad graffiti and anonymous shit talking bore me.

  14. CSX happened to that bridge. thats what happens when you dont take care of your trash. they took whatever colour they found whether it be bucket or spray and used it against any piece that contained that colour.




    edit: but they didnt do such a good job picking out colours, if youve seen it you know what i mean...




    Where the hell are you from

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