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  1. serpent of the light


    so we've done the age thing. and the gender thing. but we all knew that we were teenage boys primarily anyways. i know that graf certainly has a stereotype of being limited to black people. i don't think thats true at all anymore. i know far more white taggers than black (or other races). this might be the wrong forum.
  2. serpent of the light


    So there's DPC and Nightowls and shit, and now there is the almighty self righteous 12 oz straight edge crew, X LIFERS X. we fucking own every single one of you. uh yeah, we probably don't like you. applications will be accepted and reviewed. E-mail or IM A Fire Inside or myself. bitch. X LIFERS X
  3. serpent of the light

    · • H A R D C O R E music T H R E A D • ·

    Re: Re: colorado kids??? i was on the second level getting my mosh on during kse and after. i'm a scrawny white kid. straight edge cocacola shirt on.... go to unearth.
  4. serpent of the light

    · • H A R D C O R E music T H R E A D • ·

    check out the album "horror show" by iced earth, its far superior. hahaha
  5. serpent of the light

    · • H A R D C O R E music T H R E A D • ·

    colorado kids??? what? are there finally some on here? word. cradle of filth sucked last night. hugely disappointed. though sworn enemy and kse definately provided myself with many dance opportunities. mosh mosh mosh. is as i lay dying really playing w/ himsa? if so, sick. i'll see you kids there. i'll be rocking the gray bandana. xsdrx.
  6. serpent of the light

    Top 4..uhhhhh.. Top 5

    1. darkest hour--so sedated so secure 2. metallica--ride the lightning 3. third eye blind--first album... 4. killswitch engage--breathing or something like that 5. weezer-- blue
  7. serpent of the light


    is this guy really talking? athius? what?
  8. serpent of the light

    ren and stimpy........

    i love that show. always have. its incredbile--psyched for the new stuff. i've been playing 'ren and stimpy: space cadets' for my gameboy for the last few weeks... its fucking difficult. i'm gonna go find a strategy guide cuz i'm a pussy about video games
  9. serpent of the light

    My intention in making paintings with my menstrual blood

    // i agree, though i'm horrified at the thought of the odors flowing from that piece, i think its pretty cool. if i had any artisitc abilities i'd use my own bodily fluids for it... i don't so i put ink on my body. anyways i think thats sweet, definately 'taboo' and simply in that sense it needs some much needed second thought
  10. serpent of the light

    top diggity 5

    IT HAS BEEN A WHILE... 1. Darkest Hour--so sedated, so secure lp 2. KillSwitchEngage--Alive Or Just Breathing 3. Weezer--Pinkerton 4. Avenged Sevenfold--demo for new album and last lp 5. Cradle of Filth--Midian bonus, yo: 6. Iron Maiden--Powerslave 7. Iced Earth--Horror Show 8. Soilwork--the chainheart machine 9. Soilwork--Natural Born Chaos 10. Shai Hulud--Hearts Once Nourished with Hope and Compassion rock out with your tech 9 out
  11. serpent of the light

    Yngwie Malmsteen

    you're dreaming like a motherfucker dude
  12. serpent of the light

    · • H A R D C O R E music T H R E A D • ·

    2 minutes? no shit. i wouldn't have any desire to. you fucking homo.
  13. serpent of the light

    cheap paint...

    I've got about 20 full cans, and 10 partials, i'm putting myself out of this game officially for a while, and i'm trying to free up some space in my ever tiny closet. if any of you boulder/denver kids wanna get it cheap make me an offer... aim: xopenedeyesx
  14. serpent of the light

    'The Empty Ocean': Invisible Extinctions

    ...if these hands would only kill, they'd cleanse this world with own blood...
  15. serpent of the light

    Japanese Internet Suicide

    ...straight edge brothers in this pit together...
  16. serpent of the light

    Girl Questions...

    wow... i remember junior high.
  17. serpent of the light

    Home made tattoos 101

    just heat a knife. preferably serrated. hold it to your wrist. and slice deeply. then pour the ink into the hole. i'd recommend using a mix of marsh and lead and cyanide. drink bleach to ease the pain.
  18. serpent of the light

    I hate Atreyu

    atreyu sucks ass.
  19. serpent of the light

    Vegetarians: The MEAT Tree

    i highly doubt the legitamacy of that article, but as a side note. the majority of vegetarians i know are also quite concerned w/ organic matters. so that would rule the tree out anyways... if you missed the point there is no organic integrity in that. i wouldn't touch it. i'd eat real organic meat before i ate that, even though something died...
  20. serpent of the light

    Who went to the Opeth show in Minneapolis?

    that tour came through boulder a few months ago. i was quite disappointed. they did not play advent. it was like, 'oh, opeth is really good' but the band was nothing on stage. no presence, just talented. i'll just keep listening to my arms...
  21. serpent of the light

    if your white...read

    actually i'd like you to take a moment to find a quote of mine where i'm actually preaching. now the majority of what i say is sarcasm for the sake of pissing everyone off, so it has to be real preaching. i don't deny that i do preach at times, but i'm pretty sure you're basing that comment on the fact that i'm a sXe kid and nothing more. note: merely discussing how i feel on a topic is not preaching. expression of an opinion is not preaching. i'm a very vocal person. saying i think i'm stronger/better/cooler/more sexy/whatever for being vegetarian/an asshole/straight edge/whatever labels i paste upon my ever lustful body is not preaching. saying directly that 'youre a worthless fuck for not being straight edge' is i dare you to take this challenge. cuz i really think you're stepping unfairly at the moment
  22. serpent of the light

    if your white...read

    actually you dumb motherfucker its a charles bronson song. so fuck off you idiot. me preachy? hahahha. lick my fucking balls you fuck
  23. serpent of the light

    if your white...read

    i'm sick of feminists, you can't scare me
  24. serpent of the light

    S22? "rave act"

    a. bigot? nazi faggot? b. well if big goth boy needs a shiv to show he's more tough than me, then i got my knucks in my pocket for the day when i'm not tough enough to hold my own. i'm merely human. c. where was i pushing anything on anyone? i'm just saying all of you need to die. i don't care how you live. just don't touch me. d. do the world a favor son, and come to boulder and say to my face that i'm a, "nazi faggot"
  25. serpent of the light


    i dono much about denver.. i'm a boulder kid, but definately check out the watercourse as mentioned. good stuff fo shiggity or something. wax trax and twist and shout are fucking sweet record shops. paris on the platte is an interesting place to hang out if you're into smoking cloves and being an individual. i think thats like 15th and platte.