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  1. yo i went to ny not to long ago right after the sept 11th shit went down..i walked all around and took mad flix of since and spek and tie...then i ran into since and jeer btc and they were mad cool but they came off like some hardcore kids that aint gonna put down just anyone ... they seemed to me like they would beat the shit out of someone that was fronting and i doubt any writer is gonna be like :: here tag my shit go over it with some wackness i was realy fealing good today and i needed something to piss me off.....i hope since runs into you ..lol peace
  2. dope post i like that mber and the fill on that won
  3. i used to work at a bagel place at the end of night i would always have like a whole trash bag filled with bagels so one night i decided to pick up a few of my boys and go out hitting people with them until we ran out. it was fun as hell we lit up bumbs and bistanders alike. we did that for then next couple of days until we blew up the spot...also smashing mail boxes is the shit...destruction is fun...add a car to the mix and its way to fun peace:D
  4. i love when you can see through the buff after time the buff fades away revealing the glory that was once there...
  5. in my town racking is hard store clerks are wise and can run fast and there are cameras everwhere in a few more years racking will be a thing of the past because of how small and cheap cameras are getting.... if you work buy paint if you can hustle paint then do it .. if you bewat up local toys for thier paint do that whatever get paint and paint have fun and dont forget to drain your ego once in a while by admitting you suck and that no matter how many ups you have or who you know or wut crew you are in or how good you are at anythin means nuttin and there is a whole bunch of guys that can skool you in any aspect of anything ......you will never be the best at anything ...but dont let that stop you.......and that is how to be "real " i guess but the best thing is just beyourself and dont front ..peace:scramble: :scramble:
  6. as long as you dont fuck wit the wrong spots they dont realy care around here if you hit amtrak they hunt you down and all it takes is a few wrong words on the computer or one lil bitch snitch and you can be royaly fucked so best bet is to keep graff out of your house or in a box that you can dispose of quick.....or somethig i dont know sometime i get paranoid ...peace
  7. phatlip your shit is far from legit stop cause you cant spit so you should just quit....ever see happy gilmore... "i can sit by the bay or maybe lay in the hy i just may" or wutever he says thats some funny shit
  8. defy that shit looks great you do that all in photoshop no scanning?... im guessing your using the pen tool then gradient fills and a lil touch up with the airbrush and opacity if your doing something differnt that i didnt hit or you wanna share some photoshop info hit me up aim: amtrakevader or amtrakevader @aol.com peace good looking:eek:
  9. usualy whenever i meet an old head they are cool aas hell...ozo deo asia tone all the iya cats are nice guys...i recently met espo and he seemed chill (i cant imagin how old graff must get to that guy though ) it seems when i meet young heads or people around my age that realy dont have all that much killed they are aragant dicks that lack style and just dickride a good writer till they meet a better writwer then dick ride them .....and i got to give it to my aia fam they always looking out peace...the 215 is a wierd place. the other thing i hate is when someone only has one good hand styler and nothing else and they are hailed as the best thing around fuck that peace:D
  10. if a girl is bad in bed i just think of street level fill ins ...works like a charm
  11. spandex junkies...the dopest crew ever lol:D
  12. anyone got any rail maps or know of site whe4re i can get them im planning to go from philly to like cinci or something and anyone that has doen something like this write up i wanna hear some stories and shit im aiming for some time in the summer or spring break peace:D :D
  13. the second one down looks like it says daim a few times in it and the last one that is a bit seen style is great i like it big mean simple if he has a throw i bet it is sick and i would love to see it even on paper :king:
  14. love the kair the kem and the merz whole post is dope made my class a lil better:idea:
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