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  1. sounds like a plan.by the way,that 65 lincoln is MURDER!!!!!!!!!!! on another note,good lookin out for the pep talk a while back when i was goin thru that situation with our mutual friends in new york.appreciate ya mang.
  2. dont get it twisted theres alot more where that came from.dont make me break out the vette and smoke that 67 camaro my friend...
  3. all mine at one time...or another.sorry to make this into a chevy thread but you were the one who went there,who dont want none???i want all i can get.
  4. my chevy game is too strong for you to try to test young jedi.ask your man daks or dizo,he'll give you the 411
  5. camaros are all right but in the 305 we ride bigggggg...donks.with big blocks.been that way for me all the way back to 1993
  6. definately a top rank writer and stand up guy in my book.it's an honor to recreate your visions my brother...i'll give you a shout in a couple months when i hit the "A" again
  7. painted by me,original design by mister totem
  8. glad to hear it.its about time you got off that volkswagon nonsense thats how i like em...chevrolet all day.
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