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  1. socialcancer


    if you haven't heard of sibl and you paint trains then you're just a big dummy. go sibl go.
  2. i'm pretty sure that nasa is still running. that was the shit back in the day. i remember catching it for the first time un-buffed in like 1996 or 1997. it was a big influence on me
  3. i almost shed a tear of joy when i viewed this thread. good post ;)
  4. socialcancer

    lay ups

    ...i couldn't have said it any better BRAVO!
  5. good stuff...everything except that met :crazy: heheh
  6. no just showing this kid how lame his letterforms are. shit, bite my sketches for all i care. put them to good use. i just can't stand to see a good name like that being tortured by bad letters.
  7. what's even more funny than that sketch is the knowledge that i was writing that name about two years ago as an under and i'm still burning your crap you did yesterday....hah hah hah. http://www.graffiti.org/sac/blah/wires01.gif'> http://www.graffiti.org/sac/blah/battle.gif'> give it up toy.
  8. ono, other, and razer are cool. the rest are shitty and can go to the scrapyard.
  9. that dest billboard rules...hahaha
  10. vote me off the island, cause i think that shit is HORRIBLE. looks like someone puked on a train.
  11. fuck where is this? i want to have cute asian girls begging for me to tag on them....fuuuuuuck. http://dingo.care-mail.com/pictures/41/413/366/413662482.jpg'> http://dingo.care-mail.com/pictures/55/555/542/555429969.jpg'>
  12. alone's "A" needs serious treatment...someone gimme some letter structure STAT
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