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  1. Cats, I guess it's a southern cali thing...they got too many heroes out there. That was a funny story...super man got hit with super can. When will they learn. -Sun
  2. I've had Marines, Body Builders, Old Men and Bums try to pull shit. What's the craziest experience you've had with "Heroes".
  3. Hell yeah...I know! The pain has a purpose and I wouldn't take any of it back. Are you still bombing shit nowadays...In N.County? I'm sure it's still loked as hell...I wish I could go back to like 94 and stat over again... It would be fun. Peace -Sun Fite The System. Fuck being polite to a Politician. Tonight it's a mission to write the vision.
  4. I remember this one time... Me and My homie went bombing with my homies mom. She drove us around and staked out spots. Shit was cool.
  5. I was about 18 and I was bombing a freeway retaining wall on the I-78 in Tri-City near Vista, in So Cal. We had killed the wall earlier that night and came back to wreck it more for good measure. We had done like five fillys and tagged the shit out of the upper retainer wall. We went below to the retainer wall right next to the freeway (groung level) and did some throw-ups. That night we had probably spent 3 housr total including both missions. Our luck was running out quickly. We finished up the bombs on the lower retainer wall after being honked at and seen by a million people. We made our way up to the top where we had entered. We spent a little more time bombing the upper section before leaving...We returned to the spot where we came in. As I came around from the wall to hop the fence I saw 7 highway patrol cars lined up with all the cops out of their cars chilling and waiting for our stupid asses. I heard one of them say that's them "Get em'". Shit went down! We started to run to the bottom retainer wall where we had been bombing earlier and to our surprise there was a motor cycle cop patrolling the spot where we had been tagging. We decided to continue down to the freeway anyways. The cops up top were swarming and we had no where else to go accept right into the path of the motor cycle cop. So, as I was running and jumping down this 75 degree angle cliff I made a wrong move and ended up jumping into a drainage ditch off center at a weird angle...I broke my ankle in two places. Needless to say our asses were going to be hemmed up if we didn't keep going so I kept going and got to the freeway. We ran right in front of the Motorcycle pig and I dropped all my cans in the west bound lanes...We jumped the divider and got across the east bound lanes and then proceede to jump the fence into some bushes...Our plans were to take the frontage road to the Mall and get our homie to take us back to the car. Taht was parked near the scene...To our amazement the cops uptop never spotted us and how the Motorcycle Copper didn't see us I will never know? It was one of those nights you thank your lucky stars and are very happy for your freedom. We escaped the cops and a huge fine and jail time for the killings we did that night...I hobbled my crippled ass a few miles to the mall with the help of my good friend. We woke my homie up at 4 am and got him to drive us back to the crime scene where I then proceeded to drive my friend home with a broken ankle...the car was std. transmission and I had to use the clutch with my ankle. Shit hurt bad. We got him home...I got the car back into the drive way before my mom woke up (I borrowed he car like usual). I went to sleep for an hour then I told my moms that I broke it in my sleep. Sleep jumping??? Don't ask. It worked and now my ankles healed and I got a story to tell...so tell me yours. Peace -Sun 387
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