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  1. deto, I applogize. geez, now that was really funny.:(
  2. informative yes, but note the title of the thread: All of you drunks are not alone. i hate that fool.
  3. I have been here longer than you my friend.
  4. I would just like to nominate CILONE/SK early for worst 12oz member of the year. I wish him luck in his battle to the top and hope he can stay strong. Every post I read by this guy leaves me angry or regretful. He is about the least funniest person I know, however the kid does try his hardest. That is all.
  5. xcel

    help me out

    haha, yeah I'm actually interested in something like that. So far I've tried two banks and been declined. I don't want to keep trying everywhere cause I'll just be digging myself in a hole. I want to apply somewhere where I have a fairly good chance. I mean my credit isn't horrible, it just needs some work.
  6. xcel

    help me out

    yes I know whats scaring them away and I have already dealt with it. There has to be a way for me to get a car somehow.
  7. xcel

    help me out

    Alright, I'm in the market for getting a car loan but I keep getting turned down because of my credit history. If someone can drop any knowledge on this, itll make my day.
  8. wanted if anyone can come through with that old Poughkeepsie mag "Monkey Styles", I would be willing to trade for caps,videos, etc or buy it off you. Please drop your email.
  9. xcel

    pic from nc

    POST YORS, FILTER & AIM - they used to paint in new york.
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