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Everything posted by Waxsmith

  1. Waxsmith

    Don't Call it Frisco

    This spot is sick! Definately a great place to paint. Last time I was there it looked way different with some simple drsk and iron straight letters. Quoted post [/b] It used to be sick before everyone knew about it and toys bombed all over the rocks. Oh well, another chill spot burnt.
  2. Waxsmith

    Don't Call it Frisco

    Handcuff yo bitch, handcuff the bitch.
  3. Waxsmith

    a little extra padding

    Why the fuck would someone go over that DE happy b-day Japan freight? Fucking mooaarrk.
  4. Waxsmith

    Don't Call it Frisco

    Pier TBK
  5. Waxsmith


  6. Waxsmith

    Pimp Daddy

    Unknown #2 is Coz, i think.
  7. Waxsmith


    Haha, what a loser!
  8. Waxsmith

    Take a load off

    The unknown one is Les Crabs POP.
  9. Waxsmith

    Sucker Train Blues.........

    Nice flicks! Hey 160, if you read this, this post is an example of why you post color flicks.
  10. Waxsmith


  11. Waxsmith

    160 Postie 2 day

    I'm tired this dumb online persona. Take some color flicks for fucks sake. Unless of course you really are some FOB that doesn't speak Engrish very well. Then, I guess just keep doing your thing.
  12. Waxsmith


    Else will punk you fools like all the other past shit talkers. Big ups to kid Elser.
  13. Waxsmith

    I see big E

  14. Waxsmith

    lazy daze......

  15. Waxsmith

    naked chicks posing by the fr8s

    Brick and Lost!
  16. Waxsmith

    picked up my photoalbums today

  17. Waxsmith

    Frisco/Bay Area Freights

  18. Waxsmith

    You good I goodest

    weak. chill out on the lame windows paint tags.
  19. Waxsmith

    Brewtown Benchin'

    BIG 5
  20. Waxsmith

    Frisco/Bay Area Freights

  21. Waxsmith

    Frisco/Bay Area Freights

  22. Waxsmith

    Frisco/Bay Area Freights

    That's OLE not ODDS duder.
  23. Waxsmith


    Tell Move she has a big ole butt.
  24. Waxsmith

    Iron workers do it with steel rods

    Gryme by Steel, nice
  25. Waxsmith

    Frisco/Bay Area Freights

    Steel is a beast.