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  1. an ase somewhat oldie..great
  2. ive done something like the first one..it was all x-files and shit light was on..and the car for some reason was beeping the whole time...it was a whole lil line of these and in the middle there was a big generater that was running.......much fun. good night
  3. asian girls are rad! best zine that i ever owned
  4. usedtolove

    smalltown FK

    the throws look nice....keep it up!
  5. the tokeo is killing it.great
  6. i just read this whole shit and by far my favorite point was when the dude made fun of anticon and seeking..... mentioned jay sea graves.......that was great hahahahahaha hahahahah i can die now:)
  7. i got my money on def jux..and eastern conference...
  8. cut up some tofu..onion..mushroom.garlic. fry all ...mix together..add the oriental packfrom ramen noodles..mix fix it with the noodles if you want....good as fuck..even better the second day!
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