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  1. fuck you...go back to your movie hole bitch
  2. This is a quote from the paper to clear up the "inside scoop" your talking about. You aint no writer, you just trying to "document" and leach of writers balls. You fake fuck "they cracked the case too late. The new prosecutor, Kym W***hy, focused on Detroit's increase in violent crime and hindered by budget constraints, has made graffiti a low priority. She's not interested" dont ya get it, "There were 800 people shot in six months in Detroit this year," they got other things to worry about and Duggan was an idiot like you leaching of other mutherfuckers for self gain. All you gotta do is read.
  3. PPP word is bawn, thats propper post procedure
  4. pineapple

    kwik e

    yeah there is something about that grass
  5. http://www.silentwrytes.com/coup/4.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/coup/5.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/coup/6.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/coup/7.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/coup/8.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/coup/9.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/coup/10.jpg'>
  6. http://www.silentwrytes.com/coup/1.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/coup/2.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/coup/3.jpg'>
  7. yo dnice i sent you an e-mail, holler at someone if you dont get nothing, i wanna trade
  8. I personally like the colt45 better then the Aves. I hope people call me stupid or something now. :lol:
  9. I think people do it to change it up a little.....maybe not paint the ladder or some shit like that. :beat:
  10. just so you know, spraypaint was invented, and people use it....
  11. I was just in tennesse very shortly and managed to see some nice stuff. I saw a nice Screw and Revok on the freeways, I also saw a nice NSH off the freeway too. I saw the most of Zew and IA crew work. Seemed like I couldnt go for more then 7 miles without seeing a fillin that was either Zew or IA......Nice work Zew.....
  12. pineapple


    all aboard the drug train.....:yum: :yum:
  13. http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/1/wisk.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/1/zuse.jpg'> I guess thats all for now.....
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