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  1. BUNK


    damnit i never seen these guys b4 there fucken dope i guess ive been to much onto graphics to look at this stuff.
  2. BUNK


    hay thats dope i know retro jaws and yolo they live on jupiter cops
  3. whites dope never seen her b4 like boom she just came up dope ass shi love her stye everything i nice to my point. props
  4. i dont know why but i get mad thinking how dope these guy are with a dmn paint can damnit sometimes i wonder if my hole life is a dream and im gona wakr up only passing one day.
  5. BUNK

    *** Art ***

    http://www.ovrdose.com/wallpapers/1.jpg'> theres one http://www.ovrdose.com/wallpapers/2.jpg'> also another im new to this stuff been desiging for about 10 months give me a break. [This message has been edited by BUNK (edited 09-19-2001).]
  6. BUNK

    *** Art ***

    shakes frostys hand.
  7. damn it thats hella ill. i love that shit. Oops
  8. BUNK

    *** Art ***

    http://www.ovrdose.com/wallpapers/3.jpg'> [This message has been edited by BUNK (edited 09-18-2001).]
  9. BUNK

    *** Art ***

    props thats my kind of art. http://www.ovrdose.com check mine out if you have time. http://www.ovrdose.com/wallpapers/5.jpg'> [This message has been edited by BUNK (edited 09-18-2001).]
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