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  1. um, I'm not sure but I think there is another older writer that has been writing Daze for a while. Maybe you've heard of him or seen some of the NYC trains he painted? Or seen his paintings?
  2. Get the Dondi book. Open it. Look at some pieces from the late 70s. Thats what makes good wildstyle. He practically invented the methods that *most* writers continue to base wildstyle on. CIA and THE DEATH SQUAD.
  3. ok. Post the old stuff running on the numbers and letters Roler. I remember you up.
  4. ok. "Old School" Staten Island is RIN ONE TVS and the rest of the TVS crew:BENO, SIK, BASIC, SAINT, FLEX. DOC and Slug from the Fab 5 are also old writers from SI. Mirage, Braze, Jade, Lawe, Sabe also burned. These writers were active from 77-84.
  5. I'll go with Keo. Got to be a TDS piece for me. One of my faves is this NOC. So far ahead of his time. <IMG SRC=http://www.at149st.com/images/noc.jpg>
  6. er3


    Re: *believe* You're not Web TC5 are you?
  7. er3

    Is this Taki 183???

    Thats him. Its a famous old photo.
  8. Some of the pieces are weak. But there are some true legends up with BURNERS. Check out the Tee Bag by Chain 3, the Part TDS, and Zeph. Can't say anything bad about Blade. Hes one of the all time greatest.
  9. GOD NO. Thats not him. That shit is hurt.
  10. Skeme is in tthe Army. He did a piece in the HOF a couple of years back. The flic is in my post above.
  11. Ask and ye shall receive: Glad to do it. Nothing like sharing a little history. Skeme was a major influence during the late 70s early 80s. Him and the TNT crew killed the IRTs with end2end window down burners. Skeme, Dez, Trap, Chain 3, Agent. They were up and burned. heres a BOSS piece by Skeme <IMG SRC=http://www.yourphotos.com/users/4827/skeme.jpg> <IMG SRC=http://www.yourphotos.com/users/4827/skeme2.jpg> Skeme plain style THANKS TO DEAL AND SPAR at 149st FOR THESE: <IMG SRC=http://www.at149st.com/images/skemex.jpg> <IMG SRC=http://www.at149st.com/images/skemey.jpg> from the 99 Hall of Fame I<IMG SRC=http://www.at149st.com/images/skeme1.jpg> Dope stuff huh?
  12. er3


    Here is some original TC5 madness for you youngsters. This is the real deal on NYC steel. Enjoy. <img src=http://www.yourphotos.com/users/4827/Web.jpg> Web TC5 <img src=http://www.yourphotos.com/users/4827/web2.jpg> Web TC5 once again. This ran with a dope Arab (Doc) piece next to it. <img src=http://www.yourphotos.com/users/4827/weber.jpg> Web windows down blockbuster <img src=http://www.yourphotos.com/users/4827/web3.jpg> how good is this? Damn. <img src=http://www.whatyouwrite.com/ol'cars/Doc.jpg> This is off the fucking hook. Doc killing the IRTs. <img src=http://www.AT149ST.com/images/arab2.jpg> Doc paying respect to Dondi with an Asia piece. The influence of the 2nd generation of TC5 is still being felt everywhere in the graff world.
  13. WHATEVER. Seen bit those pumps and other elements of his pieces from Billy 167. Biting is part of graff. Its what you do with it that counts. heres a flick <IMG SRC=http://www.at149st.com/images/billy.jpg> not a good example of his style, so you're gonna have to trust me.
  14. er3

    handstyles (bmore)

    There is an old book from a NYC photographer named Bruce Davidson called SUBWAY. Its all photos from the insides of NYC cars. Lots of amazing photos of people, but also lots and lots of amazing old tags. Its expensive, but an invaluable document of the insides of NYC trains. One shot has one of the best tagers ever. SES from Bklyn.
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