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  1. THIS IS SOME NEW SHIT I FOUND ON THE BASTARDARTIST.COM SITE. THE BEST ILLEGAL LA GRAF SITE EVER. http://bastardartist.com/Graf/r02/LTS_004.jpg RASK LTS WITH THIS ILL ASS LTS RIGHT ON THE FUCKING STREET. INSANE!!! http://bastardartist.com/Graf/y01/y01_k01_000.jpg YANO AND K9ER HEAVEN ON THE 10 FREEWAY http://bastardartist.com/Graf/d06/d06_029.jpg DEST RTL OTR - END TO END BRIDGE IN L.A. http://bastardartist.com/Graf/r02/r02_026.jpg RASK LTS - THIS FUCKING FISH BLEW MY AWAY!!! IT'S HELLA DOPE!!! http://bastardartist.com/Graf/Ledges/b03_c06_000.jpg BAS CDP AND CITY CDP CAUGHT THIS LEDGE IN DOWNTOWN L.A. http://bastardartist.com/Graf/Steel/e01_f02_001.jpg EASK IOH LGF AND FUTUR LGF KOG ADS IN EL MONTE
  2. yeah I'll agree with the influence of MSK and/or LTS/KOG. the cross in the O's is definitely from the late AYER LTS/KOG. REVOK also does that too.
  3. http://bastardartist.com/Graf/f02/f02_032.jpg'> http://bastardartist.com/Graf/r02/r02_024.jpg'> http://bastardartist.com/Graf/f02/f02_034.jpg'> http://bastardartist.com/Graf/f02/f02_r02_007.jpg'> Word is that the KOG / LTS cats only get the heavens with razor wire!!! ------------------
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